Add a Little Glow to Your Routine!

MAC Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid, Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

Can you tell that I’m obsessed with glowing, dewy skin? It just looks amazing in the spring and summer! As I was telling Katherine, (we’re great makeup buds in my head lol), I haven’t quite achieved that highlight that the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta were sporting. They were literally glowing in the dark! Lately, I’ve been a little pressed for time so I can’t sit in the mirror piling on shimmering powders like I want. Instead, I’ve been using this quick beauty tip to add a little glow to my skin and brighten my complexion.

It’s really easy and pretty effective too! Just add a drop (or two) of a liquid illuminator to your moisturizer, mix it up a little and bam! Instant glowy skin! I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now and it makes my skin look amazing. Currently, I use MAC Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid which is limited edition but you can substitute it for any liquid illuminator. Here’s some suggestions:

MAC Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid, Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

Moisturizer + Liquid Illuminator (left) and Moisturizer (right)

11 Thoughts to “Add a Little Glow to Your Routine!”

  1. indayluvs

    OoO! This is a great tip! I haven’t been sleeping very well for a couple of weeks and my skin is definitely showing the effects, looking dull and lifeless. I recently got one of the Revlon Skinlights but have yet to crack it open, I’m going to try this mix tomorrow!

    1. fancie

      I’ve been having the same problem and my skin reacts the same way. I don’t know why but I just don’t sleep through the night and when I do I wake up too early so my skin still looks tired lol. This little trick has been making a world of difference though! I’ve been trying to stay away from Revlon since their latest controversy but I’ve been eyeing those Skinlights for a minute. I just might cave and try one

  2. OOO great tip! I know you can mix that with foundation as well. I sometimes do it with Dior Glow Maximizer, but I do foundation on my T-zone first without it and then mix it in for foundation on my cheeks. I have combination skin, so the glow can’t go too far 🙂

    1. fancie

      I’ve been doing that lately with my more matte foundations to make them look a little less flat. I need to look into that Dior Maximizer though! I bet it works beautifully!

  3. Sarah Ali

    Love illuminators!! I mix with my foundation, though I have to take extra care to conceal since this dilutes the coverage. I go pretty hard with my illuminator – sometimes pretty close to 50/50 between Benefit Sun Beam (love that it’s WOC friendly) and Mac Pro Longwear. I always get told I look fresh or glowy.

    1. fancie

      So far, I’ve just been using my moisturizer but I’m gonna try using it with my foundation too. I bet the effect is just as beautiful!

    2. fancie

      You know what? I have Sun Beam and I don’t think I’ve ever used it lol. I think I have a couple deluxe samples in my stash. I’m gonna try to dig them up so I can give them a try. I love trying new highlights!

  4. Katherine T.

    Fancie, my makeup buddy, that’s an awesome idea! I have the Cerave PM and MAC Strobe cream, and I’m going to give that a try. Always love to look dewy and well-rested, even if that’s not the case 🙂

    1. fancie

      I hope you like it! My sleep schedule has been awful lately and this trick is one of many to keep me from looking like the way I feel these days lol

      1. Katherine T.

        Oh no, girl! I hope you get some sleep soon. I recently had to do some business travel, and with jet lag/2 hr time difference ( 9 am meeting was 7 am for me!), my sleep was kind of screwed up, but I’m catching up now. Hope you do soon!

        1. fancie

          I’m slowly getting into the groove a little lol. Thank you. I hope you’re able to get plenty of rest too!

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