MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Review

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder MAC is Beauty Collection

It might be a little colder out but I’m still into glowing my way into the room with a poppin’ highlight. I started out relying pretty heavily on my liquid illuminator and new dewy primer┬ábut since I finally dipped my brush into my MAC Alpha Girl Powder I’ve been all over it. I’m finally starting to see why people are so crazy about MAC Beauty Powders!

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder MAC is Beauty Collection

After Summer Opal and Alpha Girl I’m thoroughly impressed! The first time I saw the Beauty Powders in the new MAC is Beauty spring collection I didn’t think they’d be very brown girl friendly. Especially, Alpha Girl, a pale peachy pink with fine golden shimmer. It looks pale in the compact and swatches pretty light too.

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder MAC is Beauty Collection

But when applied? Alpha Girl is just stunning! The pale peachy pink base completely disappears on my complexion leaving behind a gorgeous golden glow that doesn’t look overly shimmery or noticeable. It’s more of a subtle glow that’s very soft. And the texture is pretty nice too! Alpha Girl is smooth, buttery and soft making it easy to pick up on a brush and blend. It can get a tiny bit powdery though.

Normally, I like my highlights more “in your face” but I’m really digging how nice Alpha Girl looks on me. Plus it’s buildable too so it’s easy to amp up the glow factor but not so easy that you’re left with disco ball cheeks. I’m actually quite surprised that Alpha Girl (along with most of the collection) is still in stock online. If you don’t have it, I’d hurry up and order one from MAC or Nordstrom before it’s gone!


MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder MAC is Beauty Collection

4 Thoughts to “MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Review”

  1. Ann

    Can you do a full face breakdown of products used to get this look?

    1. fancie

      Yes! I’ll update the post today

  2. Katherine T.

    Wow, I never would’ve guessed that would look good on you! I thought it would look too chalky and pinky, but it blends in perfectly and gives you a very natural glow. I’m going to have to check these beauty powders out!

    1. fancie

      I was pretty nervous to try it but after reading some nice reviews from other WOC I decided to swatch it in store and immediately I noticed that beautiful sheen. I was praying this wouldn’t look chalky on me lol. I was surprised myself the first time I tried it on. It’s quite beautiful!

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