MAC is Beauty Haul & Swatches

MAC is Beauty Collection, MAC I Get No Kick Eye Kohl, MAC Shade Fluidline, MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

When the MAC is Beauty collection first surfaced online I was crazy excited. 12 lipsticks. 16 fluidlines. 2 Beauty Powders. And more? I damn near fainted. This collection is huge! Immediately I picked out like a million things that I wanted but as time went by I got more and more overwhelmed. It was like a MAC overload. Eventually, I weeded out a few things like the lipsticks (Real Doll and Notice Me) and a couple of the fluidlines. 

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder from the MAC is Beauty Collection

I did, however, end up with some pretty good stuff! When I stopped by the counter I took a peek at Alpha Girl and fell in love with it. I’ll admit, it looked pretty pale when I swatched it straight up. But with a tiny bit of blending (the texture is super silky) the base almost completely disappears and leaves behind a soft, subtle golden glow. I haven’t tried it on yet but I’m planning on using it as a highlight or all over powder. Alpha Girl has this sort of lit from within kinda glow that I really like!

MAC I Get No Kick Eye Kohl and Shade Fluidline from the MAC is Beauty Collection

Next up, is the eye stuff. Usually I’d go all gaga for lipsticks but sheer lipsticks aren’t really my thing. I may end up going back for Notice Me and Real Doll though (I lack self control) but the eye goodies are what really had my attention. I love using nude kohl eyeliners on my waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger so I jumped on I Get No Kick Eye Kohl. It’s a soft, shimmering champagne that doesn’t look harsh or too white. You can use it in the corner of your eyes for a little dazzle or along the waterline for a girly, doll eye effect.

I also picked up Shade Fluidline, a deep blackened forest green, because I just knew it would make my brown eyes pop. Plus it’s super versatile! Shade makes for a killer cat eye and it looks super sultry smudged on the top or bottom lid. It’s also pretty great as an eyeshadow base too!

Overall, I’m over the moon with my new MAC goodies and can’t wait to start playing with them tomorrow. Did you grab anything from the MAC is Beauty collection?

MAC I Get No Kick Eye Kohl, MAC Shade Fluidline and MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder from the MAC is Beauty collection

I Get No Kick Eye Kohl, Shade Fluidline and Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

11 Thoughts to “MAC is Beauty Haul & Swatches”

  1. Katherine T.

    Oh, that Alpha Girl powder is so pretty! I have brown eyes too and like green shadows but I lean more towards the khaki olive greens, and love champagne eyeliners. I would love to see you do a look with all of these products!

    1. fancie

      I also love khaki olive eyeshadows! I’m still on the search for the perfect olive eyeliner though. I’ll create a look soon!

      1. Katherine T.

        Have you tried UD h 24/7 Eye Pencil in Stash? It’s a gorgeous khaki olive with gold shimmer. Sephora Jumbo 12 hr Waterproof Eye Pencil is very similar except the tip is bigger and it’s cheaper

        1. fancie

          No. I actually haven’t tried a UD liner in forever. I’ll have to check it out soon because I LOVE their liners

  2. Gina Bullard

    Nude on the waterline? I guess I’ve only heard of this one other time. I’m in, lets see how it looks….go girl!!!! It’s a beautiful nude… I don’t see how you survive actually living near a MAC store? I wouldn’t have any money…..EVER… I have to order online and have SO many lippies.

    1. fancie

      Lol consider yourself lucky! I used to be MAC crazy but last year they made it pretty easy for me. I wasn’t as interested in the collections as I used to be. This year is a different story though. I’m already plotting on the next collections lol. You should try using a nude eyeliner on the waterline. It really brightens the eyes and makes them look bigger

      1. Gina Bullard

        Awe, I guess I do – but I really would like to know what shade I wear in foundation @ MAC. I want there full coverage foundation power foundation, I think it is. It’s Wayne Goss’s favorite @ MAC. I’ve scars and hyper pigmentation issues girlfriend! I would have so many lippies though. So it’s a good thing – I’ve actually never been to a MAC counter – EVER. Small (ish) towns. Most don’t have Channel either. Our Macy’s is an hour or more away and Sephora too. I Have to order sight unseen! I get panic attacks when I do get to go! Funny huh? Gotta love that make-up! If I didn’t watch myself, I’d spend every last extra cent on it…..

  3. Zovesta

    Aww, I wish you had a picture with all of these on you, I bet you’d look stunning!! Mmm… that blush looks beautifully subtle on your arm, makes me want to look into MAC blushes. 😛

    1. fancie

      Sorry Zovesta! To be honest, I still haven’t tried Alpha Girl yet lol. I need to try it tomorrow. It’s subtle but it looks like it’ll add a nice glow to the skin. I’m thinking if using it as a highlight or all over powder

  4. Lisa

    I’m going to try nude on the waterline. Love how Alpha Girl looks. I didn’t think it would be so pretty!! I ended up purchasing Real Redhead and French Twist. Both are lovely colors. Real redhead is a little streaky but I love the color so much I make it work.

    1. fancie

      Nude eyeliners can really brighten the eyes. I use one almost daily but I especially use I it when my eyes look tired. I’m glad you’re enjoying your lipsticks though! Lustres are a little tricky to work with so I usually avoid them but ever so often MAC releases a color I can’t resist. I’m still thinking about ordering Real Doll

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