My Target Beauty Box is Here!

Target Spring Beauty Box 2015

Well that was fast! I ordered the Target Spring Beauty Box Monday afternoon and Saturday morning it showed up to my doorstep. Thanks Target! Not just for the quick ship but also for having such an amazing deal. This year’s Spring Beauty Box was a steal!

Target Spring Beauty Box 2015

Inside, there were two cards and 5 beauty products. The first card was rather flattering (blushes) and included a $3 off $15 coupon for the Beauty Department. It looks like there’s not too many limitations so you’re free to use it on sale and clearance stuff. Or grab one of those colorful new Sonia Kashuk brush sets that are all over Instagram. That’s probably how I’m going to use it! There’s also a 20% off coupon for inside too. Lots of savings!

Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream, Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo, L'Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set, Maybelline Color Elixir Rose Redefined Target Spring Beauty Box 2015

Not on to the good stuff! The 2015 Spring Beauty Box includes:

  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set A lightweight spray that locks-in your makeup for all day extended wear
  • TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray Achieve maximum hold without stiffness or stickiness. Sprays on dry.
  • Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo Sulfate-free, anti-oxidant rich shampoo helps to renew vibrancy for dull, lackluster hair
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Non-greasy, skin-quencher instantly absorbs like a gel, but intensely moisturizes like a cream
  • Maybelline Color Elixir in Rose Redefined A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the care of a balm and the shine of a gloss

Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream, Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo Target Spring Beauty Box 2015

Three of the five products were deluxe samples including:

  • TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream
  • Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo

All of the deluxe sizes are a pretty nice size so I imagine they’ll definitely last me a little while. I do wish the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream was slightly bigger since I’ve heard so many great reviews about it. However, I’m still impressed with the size of the samples. Target was pretty generous!

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set, Maybelline Color Elixir Rose Redefined Target Spring Beauty Box 2015

On the card inside, only the Maybelline Color Elixir is noted as full size but the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set is also full size and retails for $17 alone so the Target Spring Beauty Box turned out to be an incredible deal. Just $5 for all this stuff?! Hallelujah! I’m glad I was able to snag one but I wish I would have kept an eye on the site for other beauty boxes. I would have loved to grab a couple more!

Did you get a chance to order your Target Beauty Box?

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  1. Gina Bullard

    Wow girl. Good for you! Good for you. Guess what? I GOT A JOB!!!!!! : ))))))) Whooo HOOOTTTT!1! Just today. I’m super excited. It’s not a huge job, but it’s a start! It’s not rocket science, but it’s income. Thank you for your prayers sweetheart, I sure appreciate it… now to order my own stuff!! YEE HAW!!! <3<3<3

    1. fancie

      Ahhhhhh I’m so excited for you!! I just knew your blessings were coming! It was only a matter of time. Nothing’s wrong with a small start. My part time gig at the moment is far from fabulous but it pays for the makeup lol. So glad you’ll be able to order you some new goodies soon too! You definitely deserve it! And no need to thank me. You’ve been so kind and supportive in everything I do. Praying is the least I can do for you and I’m happy to do it any time!

      1. Gina Bullard

        Thank you love! Just got back from my small celebration – three movies and a nice dinner. I start Wed. afternoon – I’m very excited! I see you got a new haul! I can’t wait to get my mascara back! I’ve spent a small fortune on drug store brands… but Lancomb here I come!!! There’s so many things that I want to get. I’ve got to start saving for a car though… good for you with the haul!!! Thanks again love for the prayers… it sure helped!!!

        1. fancie

          No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and will be starting soon! I can’t wait to hear about your hauls and new car soon!

          1. Gracie

            Thanks Fancie!!! I’m afraid at these hours it might be a while… I’m trying to decide over base and mascara now. It’s that bad! Oh well… things will shine up, they always do. Keep praying gal! I need it.

          2. fancie

            It always seems to start off slow. You’ll be seeing more hours soon. I have faith!

          3. Gracie

            Yes, indeed. I hope you are right. It’s a little overwhelming right now — trying to assimilate all the information but I’ll get it! I’ll be glad when it’s old hat! I did get my first paycheck though! I’m struggling to decide what to buy! I NEED mascara so badly. I’m SO sick of drugstore mascaras. Which one would you buy Fancie if you were buying a high-end one? What’s your fav? I really like Lancome – but I hear such good things about several others too – Buxom, Chanel, and YSL – I don’t know which one to get. I have to order it, so it had better be perfect! No smudges, flakes, or raccoon eyes. I have long lashes, but need volume, curl hold and length. Of course then there’s the MAC ones too! Have you tried any of those? I’m totally stumped!!! Help!!!

          4. fancie

            Congrats on your first check! I’ve tried Chanel Inimitable and it’s pretty good and wears well. Definitely gives nice length, curl and volume. But if you’re looking for more volume you may want something a little more. I hear Le Volume is really good too though I haven’t tried it. YSL mascaras are really nice and hold up well too. I’ve tried Babydoll and Mascara Volume and like them both. The Volume one would work well for you but it can get a little messy as the formula is more on the wet side. I’m not really familiar with Lancome mascaras but if you don’t removing some excess off the wand I think you’ll like the YSL Mascara Volume

          5. Gracie

            Thank you dear!!! I’ll give it a try! It will be my first YSL!!! How does it hold up to tears? Or is there a waterproof? I don’t know why I worry I don’t really cry much if ever. A girl can never be too careful though, I guess. You’ve never trued Landcome? OH girl. Defincils is to die for. I’m actually really still out on a limb – I love that mascara. It’s just that the last one that I got wasn’t like it was previously — you know like I’d gotten a dud. Normally it is my HG mascara. I’m just in the mood for something new! Thanks again!!! I’ll let you know what I get!!

          6. fancie

            Ahh I know exactly what you mean! That happened to me with Maybelline Great Lash which I used to be obsessed with lol. I don’t think the YSL is waterproof but it holds up surprisingly well. I have pretty bad allergies so my eyes get watery pretty much every time the winds blow lol. But this didn’t smudge or flake on me. Didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes or contacts either. My next mascara purchase is gonna be Lancome though. I KEEP hearing rave reviews about them and I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out lol

          7. Gracie

            Yes girl you have to give defincils a try. it’s amazing. I ended up going with a MAC mascara – zoom lash and I got a “sized to go” one… and a strobe cream “sized to go” I thought I’d get a little one just to try it… I got some drugstore things, Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation, and another Wet N Wild lippie.. in Cashmere. Oh and I got one of my most favorite things — a MAC lippie. Its color me gorgeous – a pinky coral- luster! I love MAC lipsticks. So I was able to make a small MAC order. I was afraid to get a regular sized mascara. And I’d goofed on my checking account this month so I couldn’t do the YSL just yet. OH well…. time’s coming. I’m excited about this foundation – it’s one that Karen @ MBB says is a dupe for Chanel – I actually prefer powder but I’m just getting to old for powder. Anyway! I had fun shopping and look forward to doing it again. I want that chocolate bar!!! LOL

          8. fancie

            LOL it’s funny you mention chocolate. I literally just finished a piece. Too funny! I was just going to tell you that I’ve heard some pretty good things about that L’Oreal foundation. I’ve been meaning to try it myself since I liked the regular True Match. I hope you like the strobe cream! I haven’t tried the cream but I just love the liquid. It works beautifully! Surprisingly, it’s been a while since I’ve purchased a MAC lipstick. These upcoming collections are sure to get me. They always do!

          9. Gracie

            I did try the foundation and I like it so far — I’m broke out from a different foundation that I was wearing UGH! 52 and broke out!!! I have a huge blemish on my lip of all places, and a new lippie coming in. GREAT. Oh well, it won’t last forever….. I do NOT see how you live by a MAC store, I’d be in bankruptcy!!! NO kidding… I could not resist all the lovelies! And you are by an Ulta and a target…. OH my – I’d be insane!!! Thank goodness I”m a country girl with limited access!!! God knows what He is doing! I have NO doubt. Have you heard about your part time job yet, are you going to get to keep it? I sure hope so for your sake, they sure come in handy. BE sure and let us know. And as always, I’ll keep you in my prayers hon!!!

          10. fancie

            Aww man. I’m sorry to hear that! Have you tried dabbing a little tea tree oil on your breakouts? It really helps clear mine up. Sometimes within a day or two. LOL it is tempting living by so many makeup outlets but I mostly online shop so I’m pretty good at avoiding them. It’s the trips to CVS and Target that end up getting me every time. There’s no avoiding the makeup aisles there! Thanks for asking about my part time gig. I was slightly stressing but my manager ended up calling me yesterday with 3 shifts. It’s funny how He always pulls through when we need him most. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers! I’ll be doing the same for you!

          11. Gracie

            Yes girl! I avoid CVS and we don’t have a target and I’m SO glad!!! I stay away from Walgreens also! K-mart can be another one that gets me too!!! I did try that foundation, but since I’ve been trying the liquid, I’m breaking out like crazy!!! UGH! I am going to take the one back I think and just wait until payday to get a powder foundation. It’s weird Fancie, everytime I go to put on liquid, I feel so inept – I haven’t done it in so long. I need to invest in a real beauty blender. I have a knock off. I tell you – when you work everyday the whole foundation deal gets old. I wish I had as great a completion as you — I wouldn’t worry about it! Thanks for continuing to write me Fancie, sometimes your the only person that I converse with — besides my cat… and with two jobs and the blog sometimes twice a day — what a disciplined woman you are!!! You GO girl!!! You deserve every good thing…<3 Gina

          12. fancie

            Thank you so much! You’re so kind! Lol you’re one of the few people I converse with as wel. That’s why I always enjoy our talks! Have you thought about trying a cream foundation? I find creams a little easier to work with over liquids. I do recommend trying the original Beauty Blender though. It’s really good! I’ve tried a few different sponges and there’s nothing like it. It really makes application a breeze. It’s funny you mentioned avoiding those stores because I have to go to Walgreen’s for some polish and I’m kinda dreading the trip LOL. I already know what’s going happen. I can never help myself!

          13. Hey girl, go ahead and treat yourself I say! If you can afford it, what the heck? I just don’t have the money… not yet anyway!!! Thanks for the info about the beauty blender, I’ll invest in one then, and I need a good eyelash curler – I think Trish somebody (LOL) has a good one, but dang – I really hate shelling out the 20$ for one. However, I’m tired of the pinching of the one that I have! I did get a “travel” version of MAC’s mascara (Zoom Lash) and so far I’m liking it…. it’s real wet though. I have to watch because my lashes are long and if I don’t let it dry – I’ll get black all over the top of my eyelids. I know “poor baby”….lol. I think I’ll try the waterproof next and I might end up investing in the full size. The only thing is that it takes out the curl, I’m hoping the waterproof will hold the curl. It beats paying 30$ for one! And gurl, is it BLACK!!! LURVE that !!! Have fun @ CVS!!!!!! Thanks for keeping up with me, it means a lot hon!!!

          14. fancie

            No problem! Hey, if you like MAC mascaras you should check out the Extreme Dimension one. It’s one of my faves! Very lengthening, gives a nice curl and some volume too. It’s another wet formula though but it works pretty well. I think you might like it

          15. Thanks! I’ll check it out!!! I’m really liking the one that I got – except my lashes touch the top of my eye and get mascara on the upper part…. if it doesn’t dry… I’m always having to fix boo-boo’s. Otherwise it’s okay. It does straight-out the curl though. Thanks for the tip!!

          16. fancie

            No problem!

          17. You like that one? Even with the plastic brush? I went to the site and checked it out… it gets good reviews. I’m liking the zoom lash but I’ll tell you I think it’s dry but every time I go to do my hair I get mascara on my eyeshadow. You know where the eyelashes touch? Dang it! It’s so wet! I don’t like that….I have to take it off and then put the eyeshadow back on. That’s time wasted to me…. Oh well. Politics of make up!!!

          18. fancie

            I love ED! My lashes are short, curly and clumpy so I prefer the plastic wands since they really grip and separate my lashes. I hate when that happens though! That’s mostly the reason I don’t like liquid liner. I have hooded lids and that stuff loves to migrate to my top lid once it seems dry. It’s enough to drive you crazy when you have eyeshadow on lol

          19. Yes it is… just when you think it’s dry — bham! There’s that lovely black mess all over your work of art. Otherwise I’m liking it – still getting used to it though. I’m not certain that I’ll order a full sized – it’s so dang wet. I might get the waterproof? I haven’t decided. If I have the money I’ll probably just get a high end one. I’ve heard good things about Mally’s mascara – you ever heard of her? She’s on QVC. I used to be a big QVC person years ago, just got away from it but I have heard she has great mascara. So many dang choices!!! I have also heard Kevin Aycon (I know that I didn’t spell that right) has a great mascara too. It’s mind boggling!!! LOL

          20. fancie

            Surprisingly, I’ve never really shopped on QVC before so I haven’t tried any of her products just yet. I’ll have to look into them though! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kevyn Aucoin’s line but it’s kinda expensive so I try to stay away from it. The last thing I need is another high end brand to be obsessed with LOL

          21. Boy I totally blitzed Kevyn’s name!!! I’ve heard fantastic things about his make-up line and would lurve to try some of his stuff but it is expensive – but no higher than Chanel or Dior! Oh and Fancie my name is Gina — I just thought I’d tell you… lol. Since we keep having these long heart to hearts! I’m so wanting that new matte lip your reviewing — and we don’t even have a supply store here in my town! I mean four bucks! Shoot. Even I can afford that. I have worn the MAC long lasting formula’s for several years and they’re ok but no color range. I bet now since they’re the rage, they come out with some new one’s. I might just play with falsies today — it beats cleaning, which is what I’ve been doing. Oh shoot I can’t I don’t have any adhesive…. I might have to run to CVS…..LOL but that’s dangerous !!!!

          22. fancie

            LOL see I thought I was losing my darn mind because I swore I was seeing Gina and then it changed to Gracie one day I think when you changed your picture . I figured I just needed sleep. Rotf!! And to be honest, I had to Google his name just to be sure because I can never remember if the y is in his first or last fancy name lol. I wonder if any stores by me carry his brand so I can check a few things out finally. Do you know which shades you might like of the Ruby Kisses matte lipstick? I can always pick them up and ship them to you!

          23. Lmao! So sorry Fancie – I didn’t mean to confuse you! I can’t remember what happened that I changed it, I think it was another disqus discussion – and I didn’t want anyone to know my name…. and I didn’t think about poor Fancie!!! Awe that is so sweet! If my gal doesn’t come thru I might just take you up on that! Rebel and timeless were the two that I really liked. I looked at them on the site but it’s like eight bucks to ship them. That’s crazy!!! That’s more than they cost! Kevyn has amazing make up. Very spend-y though. Have you watched any Wayne Goss makeup vids? I love that guy. His brushes are supposed to be fantastic. I don’t have any really good brushes – a few MAC ones. My eye shadow brush is a good brush and I guess that ‘s my favorite thing. Do you apply lipstick with a brush? I don’t, I probably should. I could make my upper lip bigger….LOL

          24. fancie

            Lmao that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up! And I’m SO glad you brought up the shipping cost because people ask me all the time why I’d rather buy drugstore stuff in stores. I hate the search but the shipping prices are usually double the amount of the actual products. So when it’s a new release and I only want maybe 2 or 3 shades I’m not happy to pay a shipping fee that’s as much as my order. Makes 0 sense to me. I love Wayne Goes videos! He’s soo informative and talented. I wish I could afford his makeup brush line at the moment but they’re kinda pricey. You should check out They have nice quality brush sets that usually go on sale. EBay is a good source too. I don’t use a lip brush on myself but I do when I apply makeup on others. I think my lips are too big for a lip brush. I’d be all day lol. A lip brush is good for precise application though so I think you’d like using one to make your lips appear a little bigger

          25. Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it! That is a whole lot better than buying brushes one at a time!!! Your lips are not big! They are beautiful! You are beautiful! You’re funny! Wow, I went to bed @ 8:30 because I didn’t sleep last night and now I’m up @ 12:30… lauwd it’s going to be a LONG day. I don’t sleep much – can you tell? OLD AGE.. sucks Fancie. LOL… I know I’m not old, old – but I’m getting there. If I don’t start sleeping, I’m going to get there sooner! It makes it hard because I have chronic pain too. My body doesn’t get the proper rest and down time. Pain wakes me up. Oh well… such is life I suppose. Thank God there’s make up. Today is the day that my friend comes an I see if she brings the lip stains. I sure hope so. Something new will be fun. I hope I got the right colors! I can’t wait to order my birthday stuff – I need foundation so bad, I’m wearing what I don’t really like, and putting another foundation on top! It’s too much for warm weather. The things we do. I just can’t afford it right now. Sorry I am all over the place – sleep deprivation!!!

          26. fancie

            Uggh I know the feeling! I’ve been working myself a little too hard lately and I’ve been working nothing but evening shifts so I’ve been getting off around midnight yet still waking up before 9. My body is KILLING me with that! We both need to get some sleep. You, especially! I don’t think you’re old at all but if your body is giving you a hard time like that it’s probably trying to tell you to slow down. My legs ache terribly in the morning if I don’t get enough rest. Our bodies have to recharge! Did you end up getting your lip stains?

          27. Uggh I know that feeling too!!! No I did not get the lip stains 🙁 She forgot her beauty license and couldn’t get them. Bless her heart she’s a bit of a spaz. I did have a productive day that day though. I think I’m going to get a membership to the gym here and start exercising. I know that I need to and could use the endorphins!
            I guess you are right Fancie, I haven’t slept in years. I nap through out the day – which some say make it worse, but I get so sleepy. I have fibromyalgia and it makes you really tired. I am feeling better today. Sorry to hear about your hectic schedule and painful legs! I know all about that.
            I got a neat thing just (almost) in time for payday — I got a 20% off deal from Lancome… and I think I’ll get there duo finish instead of the Becca – they are about the same in price and go ahead and get a mascara too. I think it’s gift time also. I’ll save and still have great make up! What do ya think? I say it’s a win win!!

          28. fancie

            Aww boo! Hopefully you get to try them soon. I’d say that Lancome deal came at a great time! Especially since there’s a gift too. I keep telling myself I’m going to try a mascara and some skincare products the next time I see Nordstrom having a gwp. Lancome always has the nicest gift sets!

          29. Yes girl, you have to try definicils. It’s amazing. I’m going for a more dramatic one this time — and waterproof – hope it works out! I hope I get the gwp from the site directly? It doesn’t really say? It does say that if you spend a certain amount that you get a travel sized gift product… but I don’t know what that is just yet. Two more days! Hot diggity!!!

          30. fancie

            Usually it’s automatic but sometimes there’s a code you’ll have to have at checkout. What all did you end up getting?

          31. I didn’t get the gwp. Sadly. I got something free? I forget. I saved quite a bit though. I got Duo-finish and definicils. I didn’t order the MAC lip either. I’m too close to being broke. Man where does money go?

          32. fancie

            Food and gas! Lol I swear those are silent killers for my bank account. I’m trying to cut back on my food spending as much as possible. All that fast food has been adding up

  2. Katherine T.

    Wow, what a great deal! I ordered a Target box last year, and really liked it – came with lots of good-sized products and discounts. I already use a couple of Tresseme products (cheap and works), curious about the Neutrogena moisturizer and the new Shea shampoo.

    1. fancie

      I tried the Neutrogena moisturizer yesterday and it seems promising. It absorbed pretty quickly and didn’t leave behind any greasy residue either. I think it’ll be a nice summer moisturizer but I’ll hold off until a couple weeks until I make up my mind about it

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