NYX High Voltage Lipstick Roundup

NYX Dahlia, Feline, Wine & Dine, Burlesque, Privileged, Playdate, Flutter Kiss, Stone and Flawless High Voltage Lipsticks

Alright, ladies and gents. Time for a roundup! Recently, NYX released a brand spankin’ new line of High Voltage Lipsticks for spring and I’ve finally gotten through 9 of the 22 shades. So I’d like to make life a little easier for ya and put everything in one place. 🙂

NYX describes the formula as:

A creamy, shiny and extremely pigmented lipstick that glides on with ease leaving rich color with one swipe. High Voltage Lipstick drenches lips in lush color, from nudes to bolder shades.

NYX Dahlia, Feline, Wine & Dine, Burlesque, Privileged, Playdate, Flutter Kiss, Stone and Flawless High Voltage Lipsticks

I’d say NYX hit the nail right on the head with this one! Each of the 9 shades I’ve tried have been ultra creamy, intensely pigmented and packed with loads of shine. They also sport a sweet cotton candy like scent that I adore. Honestly, I loved just about everything about the formula! It’s lightly moisturizing and doesn’t really showcase imperfections–even with the lighter shades. Which is pretty darn impressive for a $6 lipstick!

The drawback? The packaging. It’s like a catch 22. The small slanted tip allows for a perfectly precise application every time (which I love) but I’m not a fan of the rest of the design. It’s cheap. Extremely cheap. I don’t mind the way it looks or feels. But the cap slips off all the time which can be a disaster in a messy purse or makeup bag. Minus that little snafu, the NYX High Voltage Lipsticks are pretty darn great!

NYX Flawless High Voltage Lipstick

Flawless is a cool pale ash beige with a slight hint of pink that lasts for around 2-3 hours. This shade mildly emphasizes flakes but doesn’t really settle into lip lines. Flawless is better suited for fair/light complexions. However, it’s still a workable nude for WOC–just use a lip liner.

NYX Stone High Voltage Lipstick

Stone is a light beige taupe with a slight grey undertone. It lasts for around 3-4 hours and doesn’t seem to emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines. Stone is an incredibly flattering nude on my complexion but I prefer a lip liner for a more defined look. I think Stone would look great on variety of complexions from fair to deep.

NYX Flutter Kiss High Voltage Lipstick

Flutter Kiss is a muted pink beige that lasts for around 3-4 hours. It’s an incredibly easy to wear shade that just about anyone could pull off! Flutter Kiss makes for a great everyday or work lipstick.

NYX Playdate High Voltage Lipstick

Playdate is a vibrant lavender that lasts for around 3-4 hours. It wears surprisingly well as it doesn’t settle into lip lines or emphasize flakes. Playdate definitely makes a statement though so it’s not for the shy gals. It is, however, suitable for a variety of complexions of playful divas. I do recommend pairing Playdate with a lip liner though for WOC.

NYX Privileged High Voltage Lipstick

Privileged is a cool bright bubblegum pink that wears for around 3-4 hours. While it’s a beautiful pink, Privileged is hands down the most fussy shade of the bunch. It emphasizes flakes, settles into lip lines and creates lines when you press your lips together. Privileged would suit a variety of complexions just fine–as long as you wear a lip liner or primer underneath.

NYX Wine & Dine High Voltage Lipstick

Wine & Dine is a plum-berry with a hint of red. It lasts for around 3-4 hours and doesn’t emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines. I think Wine & Dine is a lipstick that’s universally flattering. I can’t imagine it looking bad on anyone!

NYX Burlesque High Voltage Lipstick

Burlesque is a vibrant brick red that lasts for around 3-4 hours. I’m not much of a red fan but I’d say this is a red lip lovers dream! Burlesque doesn’t emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines and it’ll look great on a variety of complexions.

NYX Feline High Voltage Lipstick

Feline is a blackened burgundy-wine that lasts for around 3-5 hours. The color is absolutely beautiful and makes for a great vampy red. Feline doesn’t emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines.

NYX Dahlia High Voltage Lipstick

Dahlia is a deep, blackened eggplant that wears for around 4-5 hours without emphasizing flakes or settling into lip lines. The color is ultra dark, ultra vampy and super sultry. From fair to deep complexions, Dahlia is bound to look amazing!

NYX Dahlia, Feline, Wine & Dine, Burlesque, Privileged, Playdate, Flutter Kiss, Stone and Flawless High Voltage Lipsticks

NYX Dahlia, Feline, Wine & Dine, Burlesque, Privileged, Playdate, Flutter Kiss, Stone and Flawless High Voltage Lipsticks

5 Thoughts to “NYX High Voltage Lipstick Roundup”

  1. Zovesta

    I can’t believe how good all these look. I don’t need more lipsticks, but you make them look so appealing. =[ Dang! Thank you so much for getting the complete collection and showing us. <3

    1. fancie

      No problem! I still have quite a few more to get but I was able to grab as much as I could. After seeing how great the formula is I see why these have been flying off the shelves at Ulta. Hopefully now that they’ve been out for a while I’ll be able to snag the rest of the shades I want

  2. Katherine T.

    I already have Feline (LOVE) and Twisted (LOVE). Twisted is such a fun purple– can’t believe you didn’t get it! Might have to return Flutter Kiss – it seems to look good on many people but it pulls lighter and grayer on me, so going into zombie lip territory 🙁 Oh, I want Wine & Dine next

    1. fancie

      Twisted is ALWAYS sold out! Literally always. I may have to break down and order it online lol. I really want it! I’m surprised Flutter Kiss didn’t work for you. It seemed right up your alley. I think you’ll end up liking Wine & Dine though. It’s a really beautiful berry!

      1. Katherine T.

        Flutter Kiss was very close — if it was a little deeper in color, it would’ve been great on me. You must try Twisted. I had to order mine online, but it’s unbelievably gorgeous. As soon as I swatched it, I understood why it’s always sold out

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