On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Nanacoco Lovely Lip Gloss

Happy pink day! I wish it all nice and sunny out so I could frolic in the sunshine but it’s so dang gloomy. Don’t you just hate that? Sometimes, I wish I could just blow away the clouds and release all that precious sunshine myself. But, alas, I cannot. So I’m forced to brighten up my day in other ways. Like with a pretty pink pout!

Nanacoco Lovely Lip Gloss

Since I’ve been hooked on my Uptown Girl gloss lately I thought it was only right to pull out Lovely, a vibrant hot pink. Lovely has a plush, cushiony texture that’s super comfortable to wear and loads of pigments that’ll have you leaving your lipstick at home. It’s the kinda gloss you’d toss in your purse for a lunch date or shopping trip with the girls. Even Barbie would approve! If you haven’t tried any Nanacoco glosses yet you’re seriously missing out!

4 Thoughts to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. indayluvs

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this brand before. That is one bright pink, my kind of color! I’ll have to keep an eye out, where do you usually find yours Fancie? I’m wearing Freida’s Red today from the new L’Oreal collection which I was SO excited to find yesterday. Despite it’s name it definitely leans more fuchsia than red and I’m loving it!

    1. fancie

      Gahhh is that collection finally in stores? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to catch a display lol. Looks like I really gotta peel myself out of bed and go to CVS today! Nanacoco is usually sold at beauty supply stores so that’s probably why you haven’t spotted them yet. They’re only like $3 but really great quality. I wish drugstores carried them so they’ll be easier to find

  2. Katherine T.

    Such a bright, cheery pink!

    1. fancie

      They’re the best kinds of pink!

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