On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

MAC Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick

Happy Wednesday darlings! I don’t know about you but I’m in a rather good mood today. It’s warm out, the sun is shining and I’m off today. Woooooo! So you know what that means, right? Time for pink!

MAC Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick

Today’s Pink Wednesday is more of an ode to an old favorite, MAC Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick. This lipstick is special to me for so many reasons.

  1. The Archie’s Girl Collection went live online on my birthday. I vividly remember casually (okay frantically) rushing to the MAC site at my birthday dinner when I saw on Specktra that the collection was finally available.
  2. I initially planned on skipping Daddy’s Little Girl because it looked dupable butĀ thanks to the extra birthday funds I decided to splurge on what is now my all time favorite lipstick
  3. Daddy’s Little Girl isn’t as dupable as I thought. It may look like your everyday pink-magenta but it took me years to find anything that comes close. Buxom Swinger Full Bodied Lipstick turned out to be a spot on dupe (thank goodness!) but I still can’t get enough of my Daddy’s Little Girl!
  4. Last but not least, anyone who knows me knows that I am the epitome of Daddy’s Little Girl, or monster as I like to say. My dad is the bees knees, man. Every gal wishes for a man who will always be there and always believe in her. My dad is exactly that!

Looking back, I totally wish I would have ordered a backup or two so I could have this lipstick forever. Le sigh. But on the bright side I still have a nice sized nub left that I’ve been holding on to for dear life. Hopefully it lasts me another year or so!

What’s your favorite pink lipstick?

MAC Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick

9 Thoughts to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Aww I like the story that goes with this lipstick! You really used up a big chunk of this shade already! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that MAC will repromote this shade at some point!

    1. fancie

      It’s almost gone but I’m still holding on to it for dear life lol. I’m praying MAC brings it back someday!

  2. Katherine T.

    Aww, Fancie, that is such a sweet story! It’s such a pretty color, it’s totally you. Glad you at least found a dupe for it. It seems like the LE shades are always my favorites (sigh), and I’m usually hoarding them or trying to find dupes for them LOL

    1. fancie

      Lol that is same problem I always have! It’s always the colors that are hard to dupe too. Why is makeup life so cruel??

  3. Gina Bullard

    Love that Daddy tight Fancie! Mine’s been gone 5 years now and I miss him terribly. I was and always will be Daddy’s little girl. I adored my Father….
    I love, love, love, Naked Paris from MAC. It isn’t a bright magenta – but it’s pink – it’s a luster. I love it. It doesn’t last too long though. Beautiful color though. I don’t do magentas. I just don’t have the guts. I don’t do bright anything my lips are too little.
    You’re young enough, do everything that you can with your dad Fancie. Spend all the time with him that you can stash away, and tell him all your dreams, aspirations, and everything that you’d ever want to say = because one day you will not be able to and you’ll wish that you had. I took care of my dad for eight years, and I have NO regrets. As far as I’m concerned, He hung the moon and the stars…..<3 God watched! I'm kidding of course!!!!

    1. fancie

      So sorry for your loss! I can’t even begin to imagine dealing with that. Just the thought makes me tear up. You’re such an incredibly strong woman, Gina! How you feel about your dad is exactly how I feel about mine. Now that he’s getting older I make sure to really talk to him and spend a little extra time with him. Even if it means forcing him to drive me somewhere because I’m feeling lazy lol. He’s like my best friend and Lord knows I don’t know what I would do without him. There’s no bond like that father-daughter bond. I’m grateful we got to experience that

      1. Gina Bullard

        Yes Fancie, please, take it from me, do everything that you ever dream with him, tell him everything that you even think you might want to tell him. It will matter. Loosing my dad was by far the hardest thing that I’ve ever gone through and i’ve been through a lot. If you’re not close by – call him everyday just to share your day — and even if you are not – DO IT ANYWAY. It will matter. You are young enough to have the relationship of your dreams with your dad. Travel with him, dream with him, really get to know the man that he is…. because you are part of him. It matters. Love, Gina.

        1. fancie

          Thank you so much for that! Sometimes we take things for granted and I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to spend time with the people I love. It’s so important!

          1. Gracie

            Indeed it is. Just a little ditty – my dad used to sign all his letters “till elephants fly” – Love, Dad….

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