A Great Eyelash Adhesive If You’re Careful..

Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe Black

I try my best not to intimidate people when it comes to experimenting with makeup but there are some products out there that are just flat out intimidating. There’s no getting around it. Take liquid eyeliner, for example. People always joke that it can sense fear but I truly believe that. I’m serious! I can crank out a killer cat eye no problem with gel liner. But liquid eyeliner? I have to be focused.

I’m exactly the same way with my new Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe. I’ve been wearing falsies for years but I really have to be in my zone to work with this stuff. It’s pretty great but you have to have some skills to use it. Like liquid eyeliner, it’s an intense jet black that’s quite liquid-y so it has a tendency to get messy. What I like about it though, is that it doesn’t take very long to set and get tacky (maybe 30 seconds), there’s no scent and it’s rather gentle. You can literally peel this stuff right off without discomfort or losing a lash. I even like that it goes on black so it blends well with my killer cat eye. That part of the formula is very convenient.

What’s inconvenient, is the fact that this baby dries black instead of clear (which was kinda expected) but, again, things can get messy. Say you’re rocking a thin, black line or a nice shimmering champagne cream shadow all over the lid one day. You’ll have to be extremely careful not to end up with little black lines and dots everywhere. Which can be annoying if you’re in a rush.

Bottom line, the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe is a nice adhesive option if you can control your fear. It offers a nice hold (even with watery eyes), doesn’t smell and it’s rather gentle on the eyes and lashes. I recommend it only if you have a steady hand and some patience!

One Thought to “A Great Eyelash Adhesive If You’re Careful..”

  1. Katherine T.

    Thanks for the tip, Fancie! It’s on my bucket list to master cat eyes and false lashes, and you’re a great inspiration. Love the looks you do with them. It’s a big challenge for me because I have oily lids and a wet waterline, so my main focus has been getting shadows and eyeliners to stay on. So it’s baby steps for me, but learn from the best I say, and this glue sounds promising.

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