Drugstore Obsessions: Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

These days, some drugstore products are just as good as the stuff we spend big bucks on at department stores. I’ve found some amazing skincare products (like CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion) and there’s surprisingly a lot of makeup that rivals my high end stuff. Like Milani lipsticks and Maybelline foundations. So one thing I’ve learned is when to splurge and when to save. And when it comes to lashes, baby, there’s no need to splurge!

Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

I know brands like MAC carry some pretty amazing looking falsies but trust me when I say the drugstore versions are just as good–if not better. I tried the new Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in Poise on a whim but I immediately noticed a difference in quality from all the other falsies I’ve tried. These really do look so natural! They’re pretty soft and lightweight too. The band is clear and so thin that’s it’s practically invisible so it blends incredibly well and wears comfortably. The hairs are also great quality. All of Kiss falsies are made with 100% human hair but the placement and cut of Poise really sets them apart.

For starters, Kiss went with a tapered cut instead of a blunt edge cut so the Looks So Natural line closely mimics your natural lashes. Kiss also made sure not to place the hairs too uniformly, which makes them look a little uneven, like natural lashes. The result is a stunning, natural lash look that’ll definitely rake in the compliments. A lot of people raved about them the first time I wore them and one of my managers actually thought they were my real lashes LOL.

Kiss Poise Looks So Natural Lashes

Can’t say I blame her though! Poise falsies look great in the picture above but even more amazing in person. I’m completely obsessed with them! I’ve worn this pair about 3 times too so although they’re super soft they’re still rather durable. And crazy affordable too! One pair is just $5 and a two pack is $8 but if you’re a member of the CVS Beauty Club (like I am) you’ll definitely be able to score them for less. I’m already waiting on the next sale to stock up!

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  1. Katherine T.

    Love the cat eye liner and lashes! Hmm, I’m getting tempted to try on falsies for the first time….

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I think these would be a great start. They’re very lightweight!

  2. Great cat eye!!!! I might have to try these! I don’t even like false eye lashes and I like these!!! You are so brave with these pictures!!!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I keep telling myself I’m going to start posting more pictures lol. You should try falsies though! It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it

  3. I’ve seen these at Walmart and at K-Mart and I might just pick some of them up. I love the fact that they look so natural….

    1. fancie

      You should! I think these would be the best kind of lashes to start with. Not only do they look super natural but they’re very lightweight too

      1. I have some lashes but they’re black banded.. I think these would be better and as you’ve mentioned lighter and more natural. I just wonder about taking all that stuff off. It takes me so long to get ready now! When I do a full face, it takes me almost an hour and a half. Well give or take with my hair. Do you wear them with shadow? I don’t do cat eye’s either, so that would be something I’d have to learn. I don’t know maybe not at my age? I might play around with it a bit…. and see. Get some and try them out. Just for fun…lol

        1. fancie

          Yes! I wear them with eyeshadow or just a regular old black line. They look great with everything. Even a bare lid. Just be sure to get the band as close to your lash line as possible

          1. I just found a pair of Ardell’s that have no line that I have. I may give them a try. I didn’t even realize that I had them, or I might pick up a pair of the ones that you have. I like the idea, but just haven’t ever done them by myself. It’s payday!!! Number two! So excited Fancie!!!! I’m going to get my nails done and order some stuff from Sephoria. I have to be careful though…. I’ve got to put some things in lay-a-way too. Awe, to have enough money, wouldn’t it be nice? There’s just never enough… not here anyway!!!

          2. fancie

            I think you’ll like the Ardell ones too! They’re a another great brand for cheap falsies that look amazing. I just got paid too and I’m at the nail shop now lol. What color did you get?

          3. I got a white iridescent sparkle tip! They’re really pretty! I’ve gotten several compliments on them already… which lets me know I made the right choice. I had to go shorter than I like because I have to type at work — but not too short. What color did you get? I’m going to try those Ardell lashes one of these days. I just looked at them the other day and they don’t have a dark band so it should be easy enough to place them. I have to get some adhesive first. What do you think of the black? I’d think unless you did a cat eye it’d be pretty messy. I think I’ll stick to the plain white or clear. Man I’m wanting this Becca nude pallet so bad. I’m going to get it too — it’s just a matter of time!!!

          4. fancie

            Definitely stick with the clear! The black IS messy and the glue I have doesn’t dry clear which drives me nuts sometimes lol. I ended up cutting my nails down too (Dior is pretty strict about that) and getting hot pink. I’ve been dying for something bright lately now that it’s finally warm and sunny here. I have more than enough palettes but I really want to try that Becca palette too. I’ve heard their shadows are very soft and buttery

          5. What are Dior’s policy’s? I’m curious? Thanks for mentioning me! That was sweet! I wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you for pulling off two extra gigs. That’s hard Fancie… and for landing the Dior! Wow girl. Your one disciplined woman. The blog – which you do twice a day most days, and two gigs.. plus a full time? Dang girl — I wish I had the energy. I can barely pull off my part-time but I have health issues and I’m old! But at any rate, I’m proud of you. I’m sure you don’t hear that enough. Good for you Fancie. Way to go!!! Yes, I want to Becca pallet – I don’t have any new ones, and that one has my name all over it. I did find out that there’s an Ulta about 60 miles from me and I might have to check that out — never been there! I think that’s closer than Sephoria. Sephoria is an hour and a half away! But really — that’s a good thing! I’d hate to know what my life would be like if we had one in our Penny’s. I couldn’t handle that!!!

          6. Oh ps. My friend that has the cosmo license is going to pick up a L.A. Girl Lippie for me! I forgot what color I got – a dark sort of burgundy I think. She’s going to see if they have them here at the beauty supply. I’ll find out Wed. I’ll let you know!!

          7. fancie

            YAYYYYY! That’s so awesome of her! Let me know how it goes!

          8. fancie

            You know what?? I really don’t hear that often. Actually, my parents call me lazy LOL! So thank you for recognizing all my hard work because sometimes it’s EXHAUSTING! But grabbing a planner and a to do list book from Target has helped greatly. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it all without sitting down and mapping things out. As far as Dior, goodness, their policies are STRICT! Lol they’re not too bad but a little extreme for a free spirit like me. For starters, the attire is strictly professional. All black. No lace. No designs. No obvious zippers or anything. I can’t wear necklaces longer than a quarter. No more than 2 rings (again nothing fancy). Can’t wear my nose ring. Nails have to be short and polished pale pink or seasonal Dior colors. That’s just the beginning. I felt like I was heading into an office instead of a makeup counter lmao. But I guess that’s to expected with the fancy pants at Dior! I hate that you don’t live closer to all the good makeup because going to the stores for a swatch session is so much fun! Even when I’m poor lol. I guess it’s for the best though because too many makeup stores in close range will leave you broke or stressing to get the next new thing lol. It’s almost a curse!

          9. WoW!!! They are restrictive! Gosh it must be kind of hard to find those kind of clothes! I hope your getting paid well. I’m sure you are. I wish I lived closer too. I mapped out a closer town to a mall that has MAC and everything — I may give a try. There’s an Ulta too. When i get a chance I’m going to make a trip. I’d be in HOG heaven girl! I’ll have to go alone because like you, no one wants to go with me!!! I just don’t have any friends that are in to make up like I am. However, I’m in process of making a new friend at work – her name is Debbie. I’ll have to see if she is makeup crazy! Maybe she’d want to go? It’d be fun to have a cohort. Turtle Creek mall is supposed to be the BOMB. I think they even have a Nordies! See I’m not used to this either — I’m a city girl – that got re-transplanted back here. I moved away from these parts a long time ago. I came back to take care of my folks. Pretty much. I was burned out from counseling in drug abuse. I’d been in St. Paul MN, St. Louis and South Bend IN. I’m a roamer. Pretty much a free spirit too. I may be a cancer but I’m on the cusp – part gemini. I get board easily. I was used to there being high end stores easily available. But I became disabled and all that changed too. Life, eh?

          10. fancie

            Lol you sound like me! I hope I’m still as active and free spirited as you when I get older! I’m an Aquarius who’s naturally curious about everything and never like to get hooked to just one thing or place. You definitely sound like you have some strong Gemini traits but I can see the Cancer in you too. My mom is a Cancer and you guys can be so incredibly sweet. I think it’s beautiful that you sacrificed your comfort to care for your parents. Cause that’s what’s more important anyway. I’m glad you’re already making friends at work! I hope Debbie is into makeup too because I know what it’s like to have no makeup buddies. It’s just not as fun. I only have like 2 but they keep things fun and fresh for me. Plus, there’s nothing like FINALLY having someone to go into Ulta with you instead of dropping you off at the door. And yes, Dior is STRICT!! They do pay well but my personality and rules don’t always mix lol. I just have to remember to leave my free spirit at home with my nose ring that day lol

          11. Yes girl. I took my nose ring out one day and never got it back in! LOL. Yes, a makeup buddy would be tons of fun! To have someone to swatch with!!! I sure hope that Debbie and I develop a friendship. She seems really sweet. Real calm, and caring. I need that, so bad! It’s been so hard to make friends since I moved here. People are so leery these days. I’ve never met a stranger, but that’s the Gemini in me. I’ll talk to anyone! I won’t tell them everything — but I’ll talk to them! LOL I’ve never been able to understand women that don’t really like makeup or just wear the same eyeshadow, or lipstick everyday! That blows my mind!!! I mean, there’s so many options!!! It’s like gambling I guess, so addictive! I can’t resist!!! The more I buy, the better I feel! I have to watch myself. I think Lancome has a gift right now and so does Clinique…. I want BOTH!! I used to get them too!! I once spent 25,000.00 in a year. After my dad died. So I have to watch myself. I can – and do have a problem. I know that isn’t much for some people, but for me, that is BAD. I had to file bankruptcy. I’m not ashamed, it happens. I was in horrific grief and trying to fill my insides up. I was so hurt. I did not know how to grieve and plus if you only knew what happened to me. It was insane. My family imploded. I don’t really have any family now — just a few folks in Michigan. That’s all that I really claim. The rest rejected me, so I don’t really claim them. I have nieces and nephews I’ve never seen Fancie. The hurting part is that I didn’t do anything…. but that’s a LONG story. It’s mostly in my blog. That’s my sounding board, and was very therapeutic for me. Yes I sacrificed to take care of my parents, but my Mom turned on me. I still took care of her. Life is strange and beautiful all at the same time Fancie, you’ll discover the older that you get. Just don’t take everything or everyone at face value – they’re not all who they say they are. Trust your gut more than anything else in this world, and stay close to the Lord.

          12. fancie

            That sounds terrible and unnecessary! But you know what? God blesses you daily in ways you probably don’t even realize and will continue to do so for all you’ve done for you family. You’ve done much more than most people in better circumstances so I applaud you for that. And you should applaud yourself too! For being such a great person just to be a great person-not to be rewarded. Honestly, I’m working on that myself. And don’t be ashamed of your bankruptcy! I actually laughed a little when you mentioned it because guess who’s planning to do the same? And very soon actually! LOL. That’s part of the reason I didn’t completely throw myself over a cliff when I didn’t work last year because at the very least filing bankruptcy would have been a little easier on me. Now that I’m working I’m afraid they’re going to tear me up! LOL I’ve made some not so great decisions with apartments, credit cards and student loans that have all came back to bite me in the ass. Hard! I can’t wait to file actually because I hate being in debt and I’ve witnessed it done the right way. Even though I was living off of savings and borrowed time last year I still accumulated a lot of makeup for the same reasons you did. It just made me feel good! Took my mind off the stress and gave me something a little more productive to do than sit and pout. Makeup collecting is a bad habit but I’m okay with it lol. I hate crying-because it ruins my makeup LMAO! What part of Michigan is your family from?? Did you know that’s where I currently am? Born and raised in Detroit!

          13. Thank you for sharing that with me sweetie, that makes me feel better! It helps me feel like I’m not alone, ya know? I did know that you were in Michigan – but I didn’t know you were in Detroit. My family are from Decatur — I think that’s how it’s spelled, and I have family from all over that area. I was born in Watervlett. I can’t spell that either! I’m from Mich! I’m not really a southern girl!!! I’d love it if we could hook up when I go to see my family – and my friend Davy. IF I EVER GET A CAR! That is. Mine car is very old. I need to be saving for one now — and hope like everything that I eventually get enough hours to afford one, if anyone will loan me the money. I fantasize about it all the time… I have an old mercury cougar. When they were nice — the sports model. She was loaded in her day. I do have a problem with spending – and I have to watch myself. I really went nuts when Daddy died. I jus did not care. i was in horrendous grief, and did not know how to deal with it. But you know what? I did the right thing by him, I paid off his credit card that had over 100,000.00 worth of credit on it. I could have been very, very bad because I had my own copy of that card. So I know that I am a good person even if I have a addictive streak. I did not and would not discredit my daddy’s name. My brothers did that. Or tried.
            My Grandmother was from Olivet – do you know where that is? I never actually been there. I’ve been up to Decatur and the surrounding areas – and liked it. I don’t know if I could handle the winters though. Minnesota was bad enough! I’ll have to look at a map and see how far you are from my friend he’s up by lake Michigan. The UP. He’s way up there. Thank you for saying all that you did, I took care o my dad for eight years. It was difficult. But I’m so glad I did. Wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

          14. fancie

            Gina, you are such an amazing and incredibly kind person! That’s a huge debt to pay off and technically you didn’t have to. So I say you deserved that splurge session afterwards! I don’t think you even realize your own strength sometimes lol. I would LOVE to meet up with you the next time you visit! I’m familiar with Olivet but I’ve never been. Nothing GPS can’t fix though lol. All of my close friends have moved out of state so it’ll be nice to have someone to hang with

          15. Oh sweetie, I reread what I wrote! He did not have that much debt – he had that much credit! I could have gone buck-wild and charged myself nuts but I did not! Sorry to confuse you hon ! It was 5,000.00. I still paid it off though. I closed the account and felt better for it.
            Thanks so much for your encouragement Fancie! You certainly are a bright spot in my life right now — all of my friends are out of town too! It’s lonesome here….. sometimes. I do okay most of the time. But a road trip is definitely in my future and that would be SO FUN!!! You have all the great stores. I’d have to save for like a year! But it’s doable! Thanks again for the encouragement! You are very kind too to keep writing me!

          16. fancie

            Lol omg you have great self control!! I don’t know if I could have been that responsible lol. No need to thank me though. I enjoy talking to you as well! I admire your strength and you remind me so much of myself. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to!

          17. I enjoy your messages so much! The self-control was hard!!! I ended up closing the credit card account so I wouldn’t be tempted by it. That’s just too much credit for anyone! Especially me! Oh and while I’m thinking about it the Revlon lip was horrible! I returned it. It never did dry down. Yuck, really sticky – that was 10$ that I won’t spend again. And I returned the swimsuit that I’d gotten for water aerobics. I just can’t afford it right now. Poo. Oh well my regular check will be here soon enough – I just have to wait a little while. It’s this weight that I’ve got to get under control. Makeup can’t cover that up!!! LOL!!!

          18. fancie

            Was it one of the new HD lipsticks? I haven’t heard too many good things about those so I’ve been avoiding them. I love the Super Lustrous line though! They remind me of MAC lipsticks. And you’d be surprised the wonders makeup can do for the body. I seen some chest contouring pics on Twitter the other day and my jaw dropped. This chick literally painted herself a slimmer, more toned chest. I never even considered contouring outside of the face. But I have to admit I got a good laugh out of it though LOL

          19. No hon it was a long lasting 24 hour lip stain. It was awful. It never did dry down. Pretty color but yuck. I’ve got a Kat VonDee in my Sephoria checkout – waiting on that birthday email. I can’t decide what else to get? I love the BECCA blushes but I have like 5 blushes. I want a eye pallet but I have so much eye shadow too. I don’t know what to get. I need a good cleanser but I hate to pay top prices for that stuff it just washes off! I could use a good eye makeup remover though. My eyes are dry. Who knows. I’m in such a funk I really couldn’t decide on toilet paper right now!!! I’ve been crying all day. This has got to get better soon Fancie. I know it will. On the bright side I went to Marshall’s and got two new shirts, and a candle. I went to Hobbie lobby and got a new bracelet and a crystal cross. It’s really pretty. No make up stores here… to get my fix!

          20. fancie

            Hopefully things have been looking up for you. You’re too pretty to cry! Have you tried using pure coconut oil or sweet almond oil to remove your makeup? They’re very cheap, natural and work better than most eye makeup removers. Plus they’re pretty hydrating too! What all do you have in your Sephora cart?

          21. Hey Fancie — right now I have a Kat VonDee lip stain – and a MUF Artist Pallet 1 (the nudes) and a lash primer. I’m so disappointed in this mascara – yes – I should have not listened to customer service and gotten the WP! It is clumpy!!! Not really bad (I’m such a mascara critic!) but it’s not like the regular definicils. I need a lash curler so bad but man do I hate to dish out 23 bucks for one. I bought a cheapie – but it “crimps” my lashes.
            I’m doing SO MUCH BETTER love. New med – alas NEW ME!!! Only draw back is it’s making me nauseated, bad. I had to miss work yesterday. Yep. I got sick and had to leave. I really hate that. Oh well. But I fell fantastic!!! Thank you for ALL of your support hon, you don’t know what it’s meant. Did I tell you I ordered from the MAC mattes? D-is for Danger will be here today! So excited for my mini order ! And I’m loving my new foundation. How are YOU??? How’s the job oh and i joined IPSY…..!!!!

          22. P.s thanks for that tip about coconut oil, I keep it on hand…. and will try it!!!
            I just bought a new eye makeup remover and am going to take it back- it won’t remove this mascara from Lancome’ it’s tougher than nails. I’ll try the coconut oil.

          23. fancie

            Yay!! I’m glad your new meds are working for you! I hate they make you feel sick though. That’s not too good. Are you taking them on a full stomach? When I was taking pain meds for my tooth I had the same problem. Especially if I took them on an empty stomach or didn’t eat much. I’d feel light headed, nauseous and tired all at once. Maybe taking them after breakfast will help. I can’t wait to hear how you like your new lipstick and Ipsy! I think D for Dangerous is a beautiful shade for summer and I used to be a big fan of Ipsy. The bags were pretty good when I was a subscriber years ago and they look even better now so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You just reminded me to finally place an order for my MAC mattes lol. I waited for the Nordstrom release (which took FOREVER) and ended up spending the money on a bunch of random makeup trips lol. Thankfully, I get paid Friday so I can get my new lipsticks at last

          24. Yes! I love it. I’ve only worn Danger once but it preformed will. I used a balm, my favorite by one of your favorites. Palmers CocoA Butter Swivel Stick – Ultimate Moisture… It’s the greatest little thing! I love it and it’s a fantastic lip balm. Have you ever seen them? They are fantab for prep for tougher mattes/cremes. I covered my whole lip in pencil too of the as close a color match as I could. It did well and is such a pretty blue red. Gorgeous. I think the med thing is behind me — but I’m still experiencing some side affects. If I get too hungry, my heart will race, I’ll get exceedingly anxious and nauseated until I have to lie down. It bites. I started when I began the new brain med. That scared me too Fancie. I have to clear my mind gf. I have to get my self together on this job. I can do this!!! I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me!!! If I just stay focused Fancie — I hone my energy into the right direction (if I’m capable of doing so and the depression doesn’t suck me down) INTO Jesus and Honey — all things are possible to those that love Him!!! I’m a child of the Most High!!! So are YOU!!! Everything we tough prospers Fancie!! We have the favor of God! You FEEL me sister. WE got this life deal – everything we touch prospers be cause of HIM. It’s not of us, but because of the Jesus in us. I’m honored to get to share The Christ with you Fancie. Truly. Thank you for the opportunity to share His love…<3 I'm in my right mind Fancie and I can not tell you how wonderful it feels. Whew. I'm on my way back to feeling at peace Depression sucks me away from God see. I kind of go on auto pilot . I feel to much anyway – but I can stay out of the way if that makes sense….lol

          25. fancie

            You’ve already got yourself on the right track! Sometimes it’s hard but I always try to remain positive through situations because I know everything is going to turn out just fine. It always does! Do just like you said. Focus and hone your energy. Whatever feels negative find a way to make it a positive! Hopefully, as your body gets used to the new meds the side effects will go away. That’s a huge reason I love to self medicate. I hate the side effects of prescription drugs because they’re often worse than the condition you’re trying to treat. Oh the irony lol. Speaking of irony, did you know all this time I never noticed Palmer’s makes balms too? I can’t believe I’ve never paid attention to that LOL. That makes one more thing to add to my CVS list next week. I have to try it!

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