Manicure Monday!


Don’t you just hate when time moves a little faster than you’d like? I know that’s a weird complaint to have for a Monday but since I’ve picked up a To Do List book I’ve been challenging myself to be as productive as I can be before work. As a result, I got a lot done today but, of course, I almost forgot about Manicure Monday. Whoops!
Thank goodness for bathroom breaks at work right? LOL! This week, I had to cut my nails down for my gig at Dior so I decided to try a new shape–coffin nails. I’m not gonna lie, I miss my claws, man! But I’m actually digging my dainty new coffin nails. Especially with the polish I picked! I ended up choosing Kleancolor Neon Pink polish all over and then adding this cool confetti polish I found at Forever 21 as an accent nail.

What’s currently on your nails?

4 Thoughts to “Manicure Monday!”

  1. indayluvs

    OoO I’m diggin’ your selection of rings! And that hot pink is perfect! My nails are, sadly, bare right now because I had to cut them all way down due to a couple of really bad breaks. I placed an order for a bunch of Cult Nails polishes before they close for good (so sad). Hopefully by the time they get here I’ll have enough growth to play in new polishes!

    1. fancie

      Aww I didn’t know they were closing! Sorry to hear about your nails. I absolutely hate breaking a nail so I feel your pain there. Hopefully they grow back super fast so you can play in your new polish!

  2. Katherine T.

    Love the color, and I like the shorter length more. Good luck at Dior -what a great gig!!

    1. fancie

      I’m still getting used to the shorter length lol. But thank you!

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