Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm Review

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care Balm

What’s better than A Kiss of Milk & Honey? A Kiss of Moisture! Just when I thought I was on to something with A Kiss of Milk & Honey I stumbled upon something even better when I decided to indulge in a BOGO offer with A Kiss of Moisture. This lip balm is just everything!

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm

I’m starting to think all of Nivea lip balms are the business now because I thought A Kiss of Milk & Honey was the best thing since sliced bread until trying A Kiss of Moisture. I didn’t even think it was possible but this stuff is actually more hydrating than A Kiss of Milk & Honey–which saved my lips by the way. It has a slightly thick, yet lightweight emollient texture that’s reminiscent of vaseline (but thinner) and sports a soft, fresh scent. Like baby powder. It only lasts a couple of hours but it leaves my lips feeling hydrated, soft and supple. I hate to kick A Kiss of Milk & Honey to the curb but I think A Kiss of Moisture is holy grail for me!

7 Thoughts to “Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm Review”

  1. Katherine T.

    Ooh, I need to check this out! I always wear lip balm round the clock

    1. fancie

      You should! I love this balm so much!

  2. Jessy Ferreira

    It’s interesting that you liked it. I hated it! Hahaha
    Maybe I got a bad batch but mine was super waxy and weird… And the smell.. Urghhh 🙁

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. fancie

      Lol different strokes for different folks! What balm do you usually use?

      1. Jessy Ferreira

        Hahaha love that phrase!! 😀

        I normally wear this one:

        My lips get chapped sooo easily it’s crazy!! (if they’re a bit dry and I smile, my lip starts bleeding right then and there…) but this lip balm fixes everything! 🙂

        1. fancie

          Ouch! Glad you found one that works! Checking it out now 🙂

  3. Vanessa

    I use this to — when cvs has a sale, I stock up.

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