Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer Review

Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer

Ruby Kisses has been receiving a lot of buzz lately and there’s plenty reason for it! The beauty supply bargain brand creates some pretty great quality makeup at unbelievable prices. Last year, I fell in love with the Lip Lacquers (and proceeded to collect more) and this year I have even more products to fawn over–like the new Matte Lip Lacquers.

Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer

For once in my life, I called myself being cautious and only picking up 2 of the new Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers. But I have should have taken all those good reviews I ran online and ran with them because I’m already planning another trip to the beauty supply for more. I’m really digging these Matte Lip Lacquers!

The first shade I picked up was Queen, a cool, mid-toneĀ purple with a slight red undertone and a sweet cake batter scent. It’s a rather bold purple but still pretty easy to wear since it isn’t super bright or vibrant.

Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer

The first time I wore Queen I couldn’t believe it cost just $4. The formula is incredibly good! Queen applies smoothly and evenly with a slightly thick yet lightweight, creamy texture and intense pigmentation. Upon application, Queen felt very much like a matte gloss–it feels great on the lips though it doesn’t have a lot of sheen. After a few minutes (2-3), Queen sets to a comfortable matte finish that doesn’t emphasize flakes, settle into lip lines, bleed or feather. There’s some slight transferring but it’s not too bad at all.

QueenĀ lasts for around 4-5 hours before showing even the slightest signs of fading. My lips were full on purple for a good 7-8 hours before Queen completely wore away. And once it did, my lips didn’t look dry, cracked or dying for balm.

Whether you’re a liquid lipstick junkie or a newbie, I think the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers are a must have! Queen is long lasting, non-drying (which is huge) and doesn’t break the bank. It’s probably the cheapest (and one of the best) liquid lipstick formulas on the market yet. If you haven’t already, head over to Ruby Kisses to locate a store near you!

Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer

Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer

6 Thoughts to “Ruby Kisses Queen Matte Lip Lacquer Review”

  1. Zovesta

    Oh man, so glad we have a Mid K nearby, as I need some of these shades in my life. =o

    1. fancie

      Yes you do!! There’s some true gems in the beauty supply store and this is definitely one of them!

  2. Katherine T.

    OMG, that color is unbelievably gorgeous!! I neeeed !

    1. fancie

      Yaaaaaas! I almost forgot you’re on a purple kick too lol

  3. Zovesta

    After finally getting one, I think I must have gotten a bad tube! =( I got a yellow, and it’s just awful. Extremely uneven, never dries… do you know if that’s just the shade, or if I just somehow got a bad batch?

    1. Nah you didn’t get a bad tube. I have the yellow in the regular lip lacquer formula and it’s just as difficult to work with so I can only imagine how the matte version performs. In my experience, yellow is just a tricky shade to formulate. I’ve tried 2 yellow lipsticks (the NYX macaroon & MAC Playland) and both required a LOT of tweaking to look it’s best. I hope we’ll start to see better quality yellow lippies soon because the current versions are too fussy. Did you try any other shades?

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