Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

One of the many things I love about makeup is that there’s no rules. You can be as creative and free as you choose to be. That’s why I laugh a little when people take those old school makeup rules to heart. Like not wearing bold lips with smokey eyes, for example. I’m totally the girl that’ll walk into the room with sultry smokey eyes, mile long lashes and bright pink lips.

I’m also the kinda girl that doesn’t like to stick to seasonal colors all the time. Sure, I prefer to rock my bright oranges and corals in the spring and summer. But that’s not gonna stop me from rocking a fierce vampy lip in the summer. Nope! I know most people think fall and winter in a shade like Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick but I’ve been rocking the hell out of  it this spring. It’s one edgy purple!

Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

Matte Dare looks a bit intimidating in the tube but it’s considerably lighter than it looks. Which makes it perfect for season hopping. Judging by the tube, you’d expect some vampy purple goodness but Matte Dare is more of a mid-tone plum with a slight red undertone that gives it a nice berry tint. Not exactly what I was expecting but I like! I also like the sweet vanilla scent Matte Dare sports. It’s a refreshing change compared to all the powdery, floral and plastic-y scents most drugstore lippies have.

Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

I like the formula too but it definitely needs some work! Matte Dare wears very well but the application is just mind blowing–for lack of better words. On the lips, Matte Dare feels creamy with a lightweight texture that hugs the lips without emphasizing imperfections. But it drags like crazy! It’s kind of like an oxymoron. How can such a creamy formula drag across the lips? I don’t know but apparently Jordana has managed to figure it out.

Thankfully, the dragging doesn’t feel rough or intense but it just isn’t ideal for lipstick application. Once you get past the dragging, Matte Dare is a pretty solid lipstick. It’s incredibly pigmented with full coverage in a single swipe and it wears like a champ. The color didn’t settle into my lip lines, bleed or feather and it wasn’t drying at all. Matte Dare wears for around 4-6 hours before fading into an intense stain that hangs around for a couple hours.

If it wasn’t for the dragging, Matte Dare would be the perfect berry lip. It’s creamy, non-drying and pretty long lasting. The formula is flawed but still not too bad for $3. Whether you’re a matte lip beginner or matte lip junkie I think Matte Dare is worth a try. But if you’re a high end diva who loves smooth, glide-across-the-lips lipsticks then this isn’t for you.

Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review

27 Thoughts to “Jordana Matte Dare Modern Matte Lipstick Review”

  1. I’ve looked at these several times. I’m going to pick up the one that I’ve been wanting next time. It’s a pretty darker caramel – beige. I cannot remember the color – but it looked like the wear would be incredible. I love some of the less expensive lippies. I know the formula of WNW is fabulous. It is so creamy girl. I can see from the tube that the Jordana ones would have some staying power – but a waxy application. In mho…. yet they’re beautiful on you!!! You have amazing lips Fancie, and don’t ever let anyone or any thought tell you different. Treasure them while your young!!!!

    1. Thank you for your review!!! I so enjoyed it! <3

    2. fancie

      I think the one you’re referring to is Frappuccino. That was one of the first shades I was drawn to also. I think it would look beautiful on you. You should try it! I think you would like the formula minus that pesky dragging. And thank you for your kind words! It’s taken me years to accept my full lips but I’m finally coming around to love them. More room for lipstick, right? Lol

      1. Indeed! Just more room for lipstick! Truly your lips are really pretty though! And you are right I think it is Frappuccino. I wish I’d have gotten in now! Oh well maybe there’s still some left….

  2. Katherine T.

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous looking plum berry!! It looks great on you. I also love this kind of color, but I’m wary of the Jordana Matte Lippies because I bought 2 of the lighter shades and they dragged like crazy, and they looked a little chalky on me. These have been getting rave reviews, but heard there was a QC issue with some batches. I will definitely keep my receipt if I buy them again. Glad this one worked out for you

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I haven’t tried any of the lighter shades but I can imagine them coming off chalky with all that dragging. Lighter mattes are already problematic so I can only imagine how they look in this formula. I say stick with the darker ones. They seem to be the least offensive. Once I get pass the dragging the formula feels creamy and comfortable

  3. fancie

    Why thank you, Gina! I used to struggle with accepting my full lips but I’ve come to love them now. More room for lipstick, right? LOL. I think you would like these minus that pesky dragging. I think the color you’re referring to is Frappuccino. I was drawn to that one too and ended up loving it. I know you like those kind of colors so I have a feeling it’ll look beautiful on you! You should try it if you get the chance. I’d love to hear what you think about them

  4. fancie

    You’re such a doll. Thank you! Hopefully your local store doesn’t sell out before you get a chance to grab it but luckily it’s perm so you can grab it any time. I just hope you like it!

    1. Girl I’m just waiting with bated breath for my Sephoria haul. I also ordered some things from BH cosmetics- did I tell you already? Anyhoodles. I got a free blush. YEAH on free stuff! Sephoria will be here Tuesday – wish I’d payed the ten bucks for the two day shipping! I sure need some picking up now I have buyers remorse! Did I tell you I now have a momma cat and three kittens? OH Lord. She brought them to me…. what was I going to do? They’re so cute, but they got to go….. I can’t afford them and Gracie is SO upset. TTYL

      1. fancie

        Awwwwwww! I just love fur babies! My dog is the highlight of my life so I understand you wanting to take in a little kitty family. Do you know anyone else who likes cats? Or a nice animal shelter? I’m sure there’s someone willing to give the kitties a loving home somewhere

        1. Girl – I returned them girls to sender — that was Total Chaos !!! I felt horrible about it for awhile but the girls next door got the kitties . It was sort of what I planned. Gracie and Maddie were just fighting too much and I got caught in the middle. Haul in. Both, and I”M loving my Nest and MUF shadows. I played with them yesterday and awe – girl they are so soft. I’m in love.
          Yes, Gracie is it for me. I adore that cat – she’s my partner… I would be lost without my fur buddy. . How are you doing? Your posts are rocking!!! Have you checked out any of Pastor’s vids? I’m excited to see what you think?

          1. fancie

            Lmao!! I tell people all the time pets are literally like having kids. Their little personalities can be exhausting! At least you found a good home for them. That’s all that matters. I haven’t got a chance to watch the videos yet. I’ve been moving around too much this week and tiring myself out lol. Today, is a more relaxed day though so I can finally start watching them and catch up on some reading. Thank God for Sundays!

          2. Yes except mine come during the week. I have to work on Sundays now! And I just got off a little bit ago. Weird hours FAncie, Oh well…. I just got two facial oils at Marshall’s – and I’m excited to give them a try…and I got some falses… and some glue finally! I’m gonna play with falses. I got the “posh” that you like so well. Should be fun. I’ve been hearing about this WNW black eyeliner pen forever so I thought I’d try that too. I got a lippie that I really like. It’s covergirl – longwearing moisturizing color. It’s new. Not much of a color range but I got a dark rasberry type of color? They’re just numbers. I don’t have it on hand. They last prettyy well.

          3. Sounds like you’ve been enjoying a little retail therapy too lol. I love checking the beauty section at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I always find nice high end skincare goodies for super cheap. I hope you like those lashes! I I have about 3 pairs of them at the moment. They’re addicting once you get the hang of it lol. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about the WNW liquid liner pen. I guess I’ll try it soon too. It’ll definitely make my cat eyes a little easier to create. I don’t think I’ve seen those CoverGirl lippies yet. I’m gonna look them up

          4. Girl, I’ve been indulging in a little bit too much retail therapy! I just got more stuff last night. Now I’m on a jewelry kick. I got the most beautiful pair of Monet earrings. I had gotten some capri’s and some tops the night before and spy-ed them…. and then I got one of those $10 off instant coupon deals at check out. I knew then that I had to go back and get them. I did, and then they were having a sale, and picked up another pair of earrings and a neckless! I post most all of it on instagram…. it’s just gina.bullard. If you want to follow me and see what I get! I post most stuff.
            I’ve worn the eyelashes twice. They’re fun. I really didn’t have that much of a problem with them. How do you get the old glue off with out misshaping the lashes? I was just wondering… I am not so good at glue application! That stuff really comes out of there sometimes. Anyway – have a good 4th, I have to work tonight, but I’m going to eat with my friends.. thank goodness.

          5. Aw man you just made me want to go shopping and that’s the last thing I need to do lol. I just picked up a bunch of new goodies from the new drugstore collections. But thanks to some extra care bucks and coupons I saved quite a bit. Which turned into me buying a book and another Sonia Kashuk brush set from Target lol. Those sales really know how to reel you in! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the lashes though. I knew you’d get the hang of it in no time. As far as the glue, I like to remove it with my nails or carefully with tweezers. Try to get close to the band but don’t pull too hard. I prefer to use my fingers so I can get a better feel of the glue

          6. I shopped too much! Shopped my damn self broke! Like an idiot. Oh well, I get paid again in a couple days…lol. I ordered a pair of earrings that Karen from MBB has. I wish I could link them Fancie, they’re beautiful. Let me see if I can do it.
            There. They’re on the way! Just shipped out of CA. I got them @ 25% off and no shipping!!! I was on the site on this code flashed, and I got it girl! Tell me what you think!!!

          7. Lmao on the bright side you’ll have more money coming soon. I just checked out your Instagram and saw them. They’re even prettier than the stock pics! I see you’ve been picking up a lot of cute jewelry. I LOVED the stuff you found at JCP. Super cute!!

          8. Thanks!!!! Thanks for checking me out!!! You’ve been cranking out the blogs lately good for you girl!!! If you had to pick one high end product, what would it be? I want to invest in something – but I don’t know what. I want the Becca nudes palette, but I don’t need anymore eyeshadow!!! Would you pick a cleanser? A powder? A foundation? A lipstick? Oh, before I forget, I hate my KVD lippie! It’s horrible! I want to send it back! It gets SO gross, really quickly. It must be the color? I’m waiting on the new ones, and they’d better be much better than this one… it doesn’t last at all!!! The neckless at JCP doesn’t hang right…..dang it!!! It’s cute, but it’s messy!!!!

          9. Yes! Lol since I started my new job I’ve been prioritizing my time and working on posts to keep you guys covered while I’m a little busy. It’s been a little hectic trying to adjust but I’m determined to make things work lol. Aww boo! I’m sorry those didn’t work out for you. Especially the KVD lipstick. They’re usually very long lasting so I’m surprised to hear you’re having trouble with it. Maybe you got a bad batch? I don’t know. That’s pretty strange. As far as high end products, it really depends on what you like and what you’ll get the most use out of. I’d say go with something that’s slightly better than the drugstore stuff and that you’ll know you’ll take great advantage of. Overall though, skincare products seem to give you the best bang for your buck. My Chanel cleanser is pricey but I love it because I don’t need to use makeup wipes or remover before cleansing. I can do it all in step which is something I haven’t found in the DS aisles yet

          10. Yes, I was thinking skincare! I’d love to have that cleanser! I guess I could always go to the web and order it….if I dare! It be a grand day when I had those kinds of funds!!! And as far as your new gig! I’m so proud for and of you!!! I’ll bet the money is right too! I was super disappointed in the KVD – and it’s going back. That and the Aqua brow. It’s too dark. I have the package ready to go and that will give me over 40 in credit!!! That will be fun when it gets there. I’m thinking BECCA!!! I know — but i want it so bad… And I really think I will use it a lot. I might change my mind by the time it takes to get that stuff back to Sephoria….lol. I’ll bet you had some challenges with your schedule, are you working full time?

          11. Thank you!! I am full time and I’m still adjusting to my schedule. I kinda liked working part time and having the extra time. I do enjoy the money lol. But time is a little more valuable to me at this point in my life. Sorry those products didn’t work for you. At least you get to play with something new though! If you can, try to hold off on your high end purchases until you can catch a sale. Or do more of your DS shopping at Ulta during their points events to rack up points for dollars off your next purchase. I do that a lot to help save a couple bucks here and there. Also, if you shop online sign up for Ebates. You can get cash back on pretty much all your online purchases. They’re partnered with a lot of companies

          12. Thanks girl, but me hold off? At Sephoria? LOL…. You know I’ve never shopped at Ulta – but it’s an idea. I got a few things (a new matte lippie–Matte Flirty- Milani ) at CVS yesterday and they had they’re lashes half off! I got the Poise ones (the doubles). I really like those. They really feel like almost nothing on. I was looking for the new Matte lippies you’ve been talking about by Covergirl, or Loreal but no such luck. I found some but they we’re all sold out. It’s the Le-Matte ones. I’m trying to get my CVS savings stuff set up – and get that going.
            Adjusting to full time work can be hard, but you are young and it shouldn’t be too tough for you. Oh what fun you must be having with new make up and tips – and products!!! I’m just still so dang happy for you girl!! Your going to have a grand life Fancie. Maybe MAC is next? You never know!!! Thanks for the tip on Ebates I’ll have to see about this!!!

          13. You’ve never shopped at Ulta? Oh man. I may have just opened up a can of worms LOL! It’s like Sephora but they carry drugstore stuff too so you can literally get lost in there for hours just bouncing from section to section. I’ve definitely done it before lol. I hope you’re able to find the L’Oreal ones! They seem to be flying off the shelves in some areas. Probably because they’re so dang pretty lol. I’m gonna slip one on today finally and see how I like them. I’m still trying to balance out my schedule but I’m managing my time a bit better (aka I have no social life and I’ve cut back on procrastination lol). I really do enjoy my job though. I never saw this for myself when I first started my blog but I’m elated how far I’ve come. I don’t know what’s in store next but I’m looking forward to it! And you’ll LOVE Ebates!! It’s literally like getting paid to shop. It’s the main reason I prefer to shop online

          14. I’ve seen that ebates deal and I have fat wallet. I’ve seen ulta online… man at the stuff! I’ve got to stop shopping Fancie – they are threatening to take me to treatment for shopping addiction. No crap. But I’ve overdone it too. Well, not over done, but not paid some things that I needed too. My dang light bill is SO HIGH. It jumped from 65$ to 145$ in one month. I hate to see what it’s going to be next month. It runs constantly…. girl you are so lucky. I do like my freedom. social life? What is that? I don’t have one either….I’m supposed to go to my bf’s Tuesday (tomorrow) to swim, but I don’t know if I’ll get to. I’m so broke. It’s my own fault, I bought a new purse. Nothing fancie, just a little cross body. I’d been looking forever and finally decided on one. I want a Michael Kors. Who doesn’t??? I wish I could have found those Milani lips. I don’t think anywhere is going to carry them. It’s so country here… they never update stuff, and it’s so frustrating. I literally got in the car when you posted and looked for them. I was sadly mistaken. I’ve got to stop buying. That’s all that there is to it. I don’t need anything… I mean who needs this stuff? It sure is fun though… I should get the message that my Sephoria has gotten there this week. Goodie!!!! That I’m excited about! If you had one really fun BB thing, what would it be???

          15. I’m having the same struggles over here! I really need to buy some new work clothes and I want a new bag but I’m in the process of trying to pay off some debt and get back into school and it’s rough. They’re important but the last things I want to spend my money on lol. Ahh well. That’s the way of life right? It’s funny you mentioned you just bought a new Michael Kors because I have one in my Macy’s cart right now LOL. I’ve been saving up for it as reward for myself for all this hard work. I don’t need anymore rewards but that’s the story I’m telling and I’m sticking to it lmao. He makes the cutest bags and I’ve been dying to own a hot pink leather bag. If I had to choose one fun BB product it would be her new Telluride eyeshadow palette. That thing is gorgeous! I actually had a client come in to learn how to create a look with it and we both ended up falling in love with it lol. It was already on my list before but getting to use it on someone made me use it anymore. The colors are really versatile and easy to blend. Plus, it makes a great everyday palette too. I think you’ll like it too!

          16. Oh Fancie, I didn’t mean I got a Michael Kor’s purse, I WANT one! I got another brand…. shoot I WISH!!! I got a little Nicole Miller – I can’t afford his bags. Maybe one day! And I hear you one the Telluride eyeshadow! That thing is beautiful! I remember when Karen @Mbb reviewed it, I wanted it then. I can imagine having to work with it everyday! It must be hard!
            I’m kind of obsessed with Kate Spade at the moment, her bags are so darn cute and her earrings. She’s expensive too. I saw one of her bags this summer in a blush color that I wish I had of gotten – and I’ve been kicking myself every since. (I think that’s right, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet!)… I just love her jewelry – almost ordered her initial neckless yesterday – but it’s cheaply made (materials) for 60$. I can get sterling for less. Just a brand name. I think I’m going to start going out a little on Friday nights. I’m going to start applying at other hotels too. I’m not getting any hours at the one that I’m at. I’ve got to get a car. Or start saving for one. I’ve got struggles over here too!!!! LOL I’m doing so much better than I was though — Praise God!!! Whew, that was close Fancie, I thought they were going to lock me up for 30 days! I can’t self medicate though, and that’s rough – I miss that a lot. They are doing random checks, and that sucks…. big time. I have to be clean for the new job too. POO!!!

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