MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection

Talk about right on time! MAC recently launched the Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection featuring 5 new flavors of the cult classic finishing spray that’s a staple in every makeup junkie’s routine. For a limited time, you can soothe, hydrate and refresh your skin with fresh new scents like cucumber and coconut. Check it out!

Prep + Prime Fix+ ($22.00)

A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup

  • Coconut
  • Cucumber
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Yuzu

The MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection is available now online and in stores. These delicious scents are limited edition though so grab them before they’re gone!

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection

16 Thoughts to “MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Collection”

  1. Oh interesting… I have seen a lot of youtube videos about hydrating liquid. What do you think of them???

    xoxo Emily

    1. fancie

      I love Fix+! I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. You can use it before, during or after applying your makeup for a hydration boost and to help your makeup look more natural. It’s a great product to have in your stash

  2. I so want one of these! And I know that you got one! I love they’re prep and prime Fix — and I’m out so I might have to grab!!! How do you choose with these scents??? And what is a yuzu??? lol?

  3. Oh, poo! Well that blows. That is the problems with all of the limited additions. I’m not a fan, not really. I mean they’re fun and all – but sometimes it’s just a bit overwhelming. And girl, I’ll just bust right on out… if you don’t have a steady income for that ….it’s just hard. You’re just out of luck. I don’t and I don’t stress it. I mainly stick to lip sticks and basic things. But there’s that something about me that is a “basic” girl. I wear turtle necks for crying out loud. Black is my favorite color. I did however wear falsies just for the hell of it just a few days ago. That was quite uncharacteristic of me. I try to not remain static because when you do, change is just that much harder Fancie. Be flexible and silly — it makes for a much more robust life!!! Screw what people think, be who you are. Those that love you, always will. Those that don’t, never did. <3

    1. I totally agree about constantly evolving and changing! It’s fun to switch things up. I hate to get too caught up in routines and stuff. It becomes stifling after a while. And I’ve become the same way with limited edition collections. I’m transitioning into working for myself so I don’t have the funds to keep up with all the limited edition collections like I used to. Not to mention, I’m way more mature and financially responsible than I was a couple years ago. I used to stress about missing things like that. Now, I’m cool whether I catch it or not. Ahh the hidden perks of growing up lol. Don’t apologize or make excuses for your style though. You like what you like! I’m not even gonna tell you how I dress/walk around looking like when I don’t have to go to work. Just know it’s the epitome of basic lmao!

      1. I hear you – i like a lot of things that some others might not, and i’m perfectly okay with that.

        I ordered the most beautiful pair of earrings. I’m going to see if I can link them to you. I’m so excited…

        I ordered them yesterday. I just think they are so beautiful… Karen @ MBB has a pair, that is where I first saw them… and fell in love. I wanted them but was kinda knocked out by the price — but I was filling out the information on the site anyway and this code popped up for 25% OFF!!! GIRL you know I had to have them then! I love getting things that you know no one will have around here. I can’t wait to get them! Now all this shopping has to stop!!! lol!

        1. Giiiiiinaaaa! I’ve missed you girl! And I loooove those earrings!! They’re so dainty and cute! And it’s a plus that you got them on sale. Can’t feel too bad about that!! Did you get them yet?

          1. Girl, they’re beautiful! I wore them already! I have them on in the pic below. I don’t know how well you can see, but I adore them! They are a bit wild to put on with all of the extra fittings… but gorgeous nonetheless. I been missing you too!! I’ve been busy, I met a man! Yes you read that right, a man! No biggie, just someone to hang with a little and do stuff. It helps though. I’m still going through med changes, and struggling horribly with fatigue. I have to “peel” myself up and get moving daily. Fibromyalgia is horrible Fancie, trust me. I just ordered the flash on Sephoria so I can order what I want without having to order 50$ worth. I ordered another rollerball of the Paradise – by Nest. I adore that. I got my two 100 point bonuses – a Bobbie Brown shadow stick and a Lancome mascara. Thats all I ordered, it will be in Monday.
            How are you doing @ Dior? Anything new? How’s life? I’ll bet fall stuff is coming out like crazy at Dior. I don’t know how you stand it. And your in the department store all the time. I’d be nuts. You’re a better woman then me Fancie, i blew 44$ on hair crap @ Marshall’s today! I’m horrible!!!

          2. You look gorgeous Gina!! And look at you out here singling and mingling lmao. That’s good to hear though. I hate to admit it but male energy can be so refreshing. Even if it’s just for friendshi . So I’m glad you’ve met a nice guy to connect with. I’m wishing you guys the best! Now that I have a steady job I’m thinking about paying for flash shipping too. I’d order way more stuff if I didn’t have to waste $6 or spend $50+ every time. Now that I think about it, flash shipping may be dangerous LOL. You know now that I’m done with Dior. I could jump for joy lmao. It wasn’t a bad job but I hated passing out fragrance cards and they were pretty stingy with the hours too. I’m loving Bobbi Brown though! My coworker just slipped me some cute minis to take home and I can’t wait to use them. I have the shadow stick in Pink Gold I think, a mascara and the new pore perfector thingy. I’m dying to go to the makeup classes and get my welcome kit already even though I’ve spent pretty much all of my last Dior check on new makeup. I’m terrible lol. But you know what? I regret nothing! I’ve been pretty good with budgeting these last 2 years. I’m ready to treat myself a little here and there. Next I’m gonna start buying clothes and shoes so I can stop walking around like a hobo with flawless makeup lmao

          3. Awe…thank you sweetie… that is sweet of you. I always hate my pictures! I’m still so proud for you! What I’d give for a dream job like that! You deserve it, you work hard and you’re young!!! You will have to let me know all the little tips and tricks! I’m just so excited for you. Yes girl, get some clothes and shoes! That’s what i had to do – at least a little. I’d fought it because I’d gained weight, but I was tired of running around like you said with flawless makeup and wearing the same outfit! I haven’t seen you in anything that looked even any where hoboish! lol….. The thing with the fella has kind of fizzled out but that’s okay – and it’s pretty much back to normal but that’s okay too.
            I got a shadow stick but it’s a bla taupe, wish I’d gotten a golden pink!!! I haven’t played with it yet, I might do that tonight. I’m loving this Colorstay foundation. It blends like a dream. I want some new brushes, but don’t know what to invest in. I was looking at some @ Walgreens but I just don’t know which ones to get. I need a better foundation brush – the one I’m using is ELF and I could do better. I so wish we had a Target. I guess I could look @ CVS. Walmart has nothing really some but not much. Did I tell you I have kittens? Yes girl. Four of them. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, but they’re here…. SO DAMN CUTE!!! I guess I’ll put an ad in the paper and see what happens, I’m feeding them like three times a day — gotta fill those little tummies!!! Oh, I sent back the two items to Sephoria finally so I’ll have a credit soon!!! HEY! I’m thinking I’m going to get a Becca blush, I’m not sure….. Karen @MBB loves Damselfly – and I do too…. what do you think? I just love it!

          4. Thank you so much!! I’m still trying to adjust to my schedule but I really love my job. I get to work with the most sweet, helpful women and my clients have all been very pleasant so far. Not to mention, I am LOVING Bobbi’s products! I’ve been trying the makeup and sampling skincare all over the place lol. I have a ton of suggestions for you! And girl you should see me on my days off. Lmao. I’m pretty much in sweats or a tank and leggings to run errands. Since I have to get so dolled up for work I never feel like doing much when I’m off lol. I’m working on that though. My parents always used to say, “You never know who you’re going to run into.” And they’re right. Gotta shed my hobo chic style soon lol. It’s funny you mentioned Taupe because that one is on my list too lol. It’s a boring shade but it’s something that I can toss on and go for work so it seems like a great shade to have. You’ll love Golden Pink though! The shimmer is just gorgeous and it really makes the eyes pop. I’ve been wearing it in my inner corners and I’ve gotten so many compliments. You should try it soon! Sorry your male friend didn’t pan out but there’s always plenty more in the sea and there’s probably one coming sooner than you think. It always seems to happen like that. Have you tried any Real Technique brushes? They’re really great quality and super cheap too. Walgreens just started carrying them but you can find them at Ulta and Bed, Bath and Beyond. They’re a little more pricey than ELF but the quality is much better and they seem to hold up better over time too. And yes, you’ve told me about the kittens! I just love animals so that sounds like a barrel of fun to me LOL. All those cute little button eyes and bushy tails everywhere….I’d probably try to keep them all lol! I think you’ll be able to find a new home for them no problem though. Who doesn’t love kittens?? I don’t know if you’re familiar with Craigslist but try putting an ad up there too. It’s free and people search for a ton of things there so you may have good luck. I was literally JUST drooling over those new Becca blushes! I had been seeing pics and swatches here and there but Karen’s swatches really put me over the edge. I have to have at least one! Or maybe two or three lol. I think you should try it! It looks like it’ll be very pretty on you! I have my eye on Lantana and Nightingale myself

          5. Gosh, would love to get my hands on that blush!!! Thank you btw – one kitten is all that has been given away! I’m getting worried…they’re getting out towards the street and under cars now Fancie. It will be rent time again soon too. I will sure think about Craig’s List. I put an ad on Facebook and in the paper. They are absolutely adorable. It’s breaking my heart girl. I’m not doing so great girl. I’m okay and all just some consequences of overspending. It was fun! Now, not so fun…. but I’ll get through it. We always do don’t we?
            I’d love to try the rose-gold shadow stick. I did try the one that I have and I love how it blended out. I can only imagine the FUN that you are having!!!! Good for you Fancie!!! I’m glad you’re out of that brand where you were only good enough to spray perfume – to hands on! That’s excellent. You must just be so happy. Who cares what you wear on your off days! If you have to go a full face 5 days a week, girlfriend, you owe it to your skin to not do a full face on the days your off. I’m sorry I don’t agree with your parents! You are beautiful, anyway!!! A little BB creme and some mascara – a touch of blush and your out the door Fancie. Shoot – mascara and lip- and out the door! I was sitting here wondering if I should do the full face today. I do it just because I like it. It depends too – where I’m going and why. Like today I’m going to the Vape shop to take the guys a cake I made. No biggie, but I probably will fix up. It doesn’t hurt that the owner is bloody gorgeous. . I know he’s married, but I can look, and look beautiful! I have gone up there looking like total hell, and he tells me I’m beautiful! Coming from an Italian, green eyed, jet black haired, gorgeous hunk of a man like that – I’ll take it! Yeah, I think I have a crush…. not to worry.
            Hey thanks for the tips on the brushes, I’ll check them out. I hope our Walgreens has them. I think they do. I’ve been watching some youtube vids on makeup brushes too. I also was looking at Coastal Scents shadows. I watched a video on the Revealed 2 palette. it’s a burgundy type of pallet — loved the smokey eye that she did. Now I want that! It never ends….

          6. LOL it never does, does it? And how sweet and cute are you?! I bet they loved your cake and hell I’d do the same thing if I were you. At least you can look and maybe be friends. That’s always nice too! Hopefully you get rid of those kiddies and get everything back on track. I don’t want you stressing yourself out. Life’s too short to be anything but happy. I am ecstatic to be away from Dior though lol. It just wasn’t my scene. I hate to be negative about it since I’m sure there’s people out there who like it. I just don’t lol. And thank you for your kind words! You’re always so sweet! Lord knows I just want to crawl into a coma on my days off so I’m okay with the naked face life at the moment. It’s good for the skin to breathe, right? Enough about me though! How has work been? Are you back to your regular schedule?

          7. Then a naked face it should be! I know that it is hard to get used to a full-timed schedule! I remember when I worked that full week at the hotel, when it was finally over I thought I’d die! So you do what makes YOU happy! Thanks for the kuddo’s on the vape shop! Man is he ever a fine specimen! i got to go to a cloud competition Saturday night and he was one of the judges, so I got to be around him even longer!!! I’m not kidding girl, he is that gorgeous! If he wore cologne, I’d be in trouble! He sort of looks like (I can’t think of his name) the guy from the Matrix movies, but better. It was cute, there is a little guy named by the same name (Chris) that kind of has taken to me – that wanted me to go to the competition, I’m old enough to be his mom. He won! He was so nervous… It’s totally for fun, but there’s serious prizes. Anyway – it was fun to actually get to do something. Plus I met a girl that has 200 eyeshadow palettes. We talked makeup all night. I wish I’d gotten her number. It’s so hard to make friends. I knew though when she came in — she had a perfect red pout! Matte of course! Sure enough she’s a makeup junkie! Worse than you or I ! If that’s possible! She’s in a Facebook group where they share and post and swap!! Yes, you read that right, swap! If you get things that you don’t like, you can swap them for other things that other don’t care for either! i can’t remember the dad gum name! You would love something like that…. I hope I run into her again, I know her boyfriend from the other vape shop in town. Oh well. I say Fancie, if we can’t be kind we should just be silent. That’s what I’m trying to practice. Work is boring. I’m getting NO shifts. Two kiddo’s left – two girls, and Mom. I’m afraid that’s how it’s going to be, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Not one call from the ad in the paper…..

          8. I’m really shocked no one has been checking for those cute little kitties! Try adding some pics to Facebook or something or try contacting a local shelter/pet adoption for some help finding prospective parents. Sorry to hear work isn’t all that fun right now but I’m so happy that you’ve been getting your thrills elsewhere. Look at you venturing out and meeting all these new people! I need to be more like you lol. That competition sounded like a blast and it’s so exciting the guy you came with ended up winning. Sounds like you’re his good luck charm lol. I need to start hanging around the local vape shops around here and start meeting people and attending events. I’m not much of a clubbing kind of gal anymore so those kinda events are right up my alley. It’s so nice to hear you’ve found a new makeup buddy too. You’ve got to hurry up and find her! Lol we need access to that group!! Plus, she sounds like way too much fun to talk to. 200 palettes? I’d be all in her face trying to pick her brain and makeup collection all day lmao

          9. All the kitties are gone! They were adorable… I miss there little furry faces every morning! I gave away the last boy yesterday @ 6:30 a.m. the girl was so excited. Yes the vape event was fun and I can always count at the guys at the shop for a good time. Yes that would be good Fancie – they are usually good people. That’s about the only life I have. I getting ready to go to a dual addiction group – or co-occuring group for addicts with depression and anxiety etc. It should prove interesting. I’ve been depressed since 1991. I’m doing a whole lot better these days. I’ve changed meds three times in the last four months though and it’s been really difficult girl. One had me almost manic. I kinda screwed up a bit that’s why I’m have to clamp down. I really overspent. It was fun! Oh well, live and learn !! I like group, but I’d rather run it, I used to love running group when I was a counselor. That was my favorite thing. Oh well, I can still kind of participate in my way! I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

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