NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss Review

NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss

Since we were just talking about red lips I’m gonna keep the discussion going with a new red gloss that’s been growing on me. Now you know I don’t really do red lipstick but I really didn’t do red gloss. When I think of red lips I always think crisp, clean and matte. Red gloss always felt too ‘lax and messy for the effortlessly sexy vibe red lips give off. That is, until I came across the NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss.

NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss

I’m still not rushing to toss it in my makeup bag or anything but I have to admit that I kinda dig Apple Crisp on me. It’s cute! Apple Crisp is a bright, vibrant tomato red with a cool blue undertone and sweet cake-like scent. The shade has more of a classic red kinda feel but the juicy, glossy finish makes it seem less uptight and more fun and flirty. I’d say Apple Crisp is a great red gloss for spring and summer!

NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss

Not just because it’s cute. But because it’s rather easy to wear too! Apple Crisp applies smoothly and evenly with intense pigmentation and a slightly thick, creamy texture that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It is a little tacky but the formula is also lightly moisturizing so it’s actually quite comfortable to wear.

Apple Crisp wears pretty nicely too. The color doesn’t emphasize flakes or settle into lip lines much at all. And thanks to the thicker formula I didn’t experience any bleeding or feathering either. Apple Crisp wears like a champ for around 3-5 hours before fading into an intense bright red stain that likes to hang around for an hour or two. I’m still not all that crazy about red gloss but I can’t deny that NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss is a great lippie to have. If you’re a red lip junkie I’d say run, don’t walk to your nearest Ulta or Target to get your hands on this red beauty!

NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss

NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss

6 Thoughts to “NYX Apple Crisp Intense Butter Gloss Review”

  1. Wow! Going up to town tomorrow, this is going in my bag. What a wonderful description, this is perfect on you!!

    1. Thank you! This is hands down your kinda shade though. I know it’ll look amazing on you!!

  2. Katherine T.

    Fancie, this shade looks totally stunning, stunning on your lips!! You should definitely wear this one more often. I totally love the NYX Intense Butter Gloss formula- so easy to wear. If I didn’t already have so many glosses to go through, I would grab this one.

    1. Thank you! I’ve actually been warming up to it by pairing it with different liners. NYX did a really good job with this one so I do want to get a little use out of it before it gets lost lol. I’m also becoming a huge fan of the Intense Butter Gloss formula. I’d love to see some new shades for fall!


    I really love nyx my fave shade is Copenhagen

    1. Copenhagen is my go to red lip! I just had to pull it out for a little clubbing not too long ago lol. I bet it looks gorgeous on you!

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