On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Prada Candy Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Good morning and happy hump day girlies! Like last week, this week’s Pink Wednesday feature is a little something anyone could wear. Just as long as you like sweet, sultry scents. I know I sure do! That’s why I had to add Flowerbomb and Prada Candy to my collection because they smell so heavenly–alone and together. Flowerbomb with it’s sweet, soft floral notes smells incredible when mixed with Prada Candy and it’s deep, sensual vanilla and amber notes. I can’t tell you how many times men and women have stopped to tell me I smell delicious or ask what I’m wearing. This is it! Prada Candy and Flowerbomb mesh so well together that I’ve been wearing this combo pretty much every damn day for the past month. ‘Cause I like smelling like I’ve been frolicking in a field of flowers and dipped in vanilla and amber. Who doesn’t?

What’s your favorite perfume combo?

One Thought to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Katherine T.

    Due to allergies, I can’t wear fragrance, but I’ve sniffed swatches from magazine inserts/Sephora free samples, and they do smell lovely. Never thought of mixing the 2, but it sounds like a great idea if you like perfume. Oh well, more money for my other vices 🙂

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