Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set Review

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk makes, hands down, some of the cutest brush sets ever. I’m always pleasantly surprised and wildly excited each time she releases one. The girl’s got style! Recently, Sonia Kashuk launched the bold and colorful Art of Makeup Collection filled with brush sets, brush cups, a makeup tray and more exclusively at Target.

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

I picked up the wildly colorful ABC 6 Piece Brush Set designed to:

  • Accentuate
  • Blend
  • Contour

While I love pink, the ABC Brush Set was a no brainer for me because I live for highlighting and contouring. The set features 3 large brushes and 3 identical smaller brushes so you can accentuate, blend and contour every inch of your face with ease all for $25. Not bad, right?

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

I applaud Sonia Kashuk for creating such beautiful brush sets at a great price but I wish they were a little better quality sometimes. The ABC Brush Set isn’t bad at all. It’s actually a pretty solid set but since it’s smaller the duds standout so much more. And it doesn’t help that the duds are pretty bad. Let’s get started!

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

Accentuate (purple): The Accentuate Brush has a small, rounded dome shape and soft, dense purple ombre synthetic bristles. It’s an excellent cheek brush that I love to use to highlight, apply blush and bronzer. It’s fluffy and dense so it picks up lots of pigment and blends them well. The quality is really great too! The Accentuate Brush has held up through many washings without bleeding dye and with very little shedding. It’s hands down my favorite brush in the set because it’s solid and a great alternative to my beloved MAC 159 Brush.

Blend (green): The Blend Brush is a big, fluffy round powder brush with soft, dense green ombre synthetic bristles. This was the worst brush in the set. It feels soft to the touch and does a great job of seamlessly blending my highlight, blush and contour together but it’s just not well constructed. I’ve washed this set about 5 times and each time the Blend Brush had noticeable bleeding and shedding. I’m talking tons of green dye in the sink and bristles flying everywhere. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any breakouts from the dye but I always found myself picking small green hairs off my face after every use. The Blend Brush isn’t the worst brush I’ve ever used but the experience was definitely disappointing.

Contour (blue): The Contour Brush is a flat, slanted kabuki brush with soft, dense ombre blue bristles. This is another fave because not only does it make contouring super easy but it makes a great foundation brush too! It’s so dense and fluffy that blends without a trace leaving behind an airbrushed-like finish. I didn’t experience much bleeding or shedding with the Contour Brush either so the quality is solid all the way around.

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

Now on to the eye brushes! While I really enjoyed the face brushes (minus Blend) the eye brushes were a little better. I found them to be slightly better quality (mostly in Blend’s case) and rather versatile, too.

Accentuate (purple): The Accentuate Eye Brush is the only brush that’s slightly different from its larger counterpart featuring a slimmer, longer domed shape that makes it a great eyeshadow and concealer brush. I like using it to precisely place and blend shadows in the crease but I adore using it as a concealer brush. The synthetic bristles work incredibly well with creams and liquids so it makes highlighting under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose a little easier. The quality is very good. I didn’t experience any bleeding during washings and very little shedding.

Blend (green): The Blend Eye Brush may be identical to its larger counterpart but it’s much better! It doesn’t bleed nearly as much during wash time and while there’s some shedding it’s very minor. I actually love using this brush! It works well for blending powder and cream shadows plus it buffs the hell out of concealer too!

Contour (blue): The Contour Eye Brush performed much like it’s larger counterpart in terms of quality and functionality. It held up well during washes without bleeding and I didn’t experience any shedding. It’s very dense so it’s great for applying and blending shadows into the crease for more defined or smoky looks and it works well with concealer. I love how well it works with eyeshadows but I love using it contour my nose. It blends flawlessly!

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC 6 Piece Brush Set

Bottom line: The Sonia Kashuk ABC 6 Piece Brush Set isn’t too bad. For $25 you get 6 cruelty free brushes in shapes you don’t typically see in sets. Especially drugstore sets. So I applaud Sonia Kashuk for thinking outside of the box with this set but I think the execution could have been a little better. The Blend Brush was downright a pain in the ass to work with and while the other brushes performed well they aren’t quite as good as her individual brushes. Though they do come close though. If you’re a makeup junkie/hoarder/collector or a newbie building up your brush arsenal I say go for it! I wouldn’t toss out my MAC or Chanel brushes for them but they get the job done and quite well, too.

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  1. Katherine T.

    Great review on this brush set, Fancie! Despite the duds, I think you still got a good deal at $25 for the whole set, and such fun, cheerful colors. I just bought my first MAC brush ever (can you believe it??) –the famous 239 eye shadow brush that everyone keeps raving about, and that alone was $25!! I’m hoping I won’t like it, because I’m gonna go broke if I do! LOL

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