Africare 100% Glycerin Review

Africare 100% Glycerin

Let me tell you ’bout my bestfrieeeend! It’s the awesome natural (and vegan) Africare 100% Glycerin. This stuff is literally all you could ever need to hydrate, condition and nourish your body from head to toe. Why? Because pure glycerin is like cutting out the middle man. If you look at the ingredients of any moisturizing product in your home (body and hair) you’ll spot glycerin somewhere high on the list.

Glycerin is pretty much nature’s super drug for the body. It has a thick, clear odorless and slightly sticky texture (similar to castor oil) that’s extremely moisturizing and makes a noticeable difference to the skin and hair after the first use. Everywhere I applied this stuff felt like silk the moment I used it. I’m talking a deep moisture session that lasts and lasts. I literally have dry everything so I’m always on the hunt for intense moisture and this is it. My skin is immediately dry and ashy after showering and in the winter my legs look like alligator skin. Not to mention, I have some gnarly eczema that likes to hang out in the summer. And my hair? Don’t get me started! It’s dry but porous so it just sucks up products and keeps begging for more until its weighed down. This stuff knocks all of that out!

I haven’t used any body lotion since I spotted this little miracle at Walgreens and it’s been mixed up with all of my favorite oils and conditioners to keep my mane nice and sleek. My skin and hair have never felt or looked better! My dry, flaky legs now look soft and supple all the time and my dry, frizzy hair is easier to manage and looks all shiny and moist. My eczema has even been in check since I’ve started adding Glycerin to my routine.

But the icing on the cake? This stuff transforms your feet! OHMAGOSH! You can literally push back your pedicure a couple of weeks with Glycerin because it hydrates and conditions dry, cracked skin until it’s baby soft. I simply massage a little Glycerin into my feet after washing up, slip on some socks and bam! Instant soft feet without the pumice and stuff. And thanks to the extra thick texture a little goes a long way so I’ll be slipping and sliding through the city with my silky soft skin and hair for months off this one bottle. Woohoo!

The next time you go to Walgreens, stop by the skin aisle and pick up the Africare 100% Glycerin. It’s truly the key to soft, hydrated skin!

4 Thoughts to “Africare 100% Glycerin Review”

  1. kwmechelle

    This intrigues me. Could definitely use a more moisturizing product in my fight against dry skin. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! We could all use a little help so I wanted to share the wealth lol

  2. Katherine T.

    Ooh, this sounds interesting! Might work for my dry, split ends, after shower, or in baby’s bath water. There’s a Walgreens near me that carriers this, will check it out.

    1. Yes!! You won’t believe how hydrating it is. I have everyone in the house hooked on it now lol

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