Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector Review

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

Is anyone else insanely addicted to highlighting powders? I keep trying to break my addiction but it’s so hard these days. On top of giving a gorgeous glow, highlighters are now coming in beautiful packaging and designs. Making them even harder to resist. The second I saw the new limited edition Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector I knew I had to have it.

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

The packaging is stunning. Pictures seriously don’t do it any justice! It’s a sleek metallic rose gold that wowed me the second I took it out of the box. And the imprint? Eye candy overload! I almost didn’t want to touch it but the shade is so enticing that I couldn’t wait to dig my fingers up in it.

Blushed Copper is a warm copper with red undertones that’s loaded with fine golden shimmer. I was drawn to the color because it looked perfect for deeper complexions–and OMG, it is heavenly! Blushed Copper is actually widely flattering on a variety of complexion. You’ll just want to use a light hand if you have a lighter skin tone.

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

But, honey, Blushed Copper is everything you could want in a highlighting powder in more! It’s incredibly pigmented and has a velvety, smooth texture that almost feels like a cream and blends very easily giving the skin an insanely beautiful glow. And it’s not a metallic kind of glow either that emphasizes pores. Nope!

Blushed Copper gives a soft, lit from within kind of glow that’ll make people think you woke up like this, a la Beyoncé. I simply take a small fan brush and lightly sweep a little across my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose and my face instantly lights up. And when I add a little more, the deep coppery base becomes more pronounced and doubles as a subtle blush. Either way, by the time I get off work (8-9 hours) I’m still glowing like a housewife!

Blushed Copper is a tad on the expensive side at $40 but I’d say it’s worth snapping up before it’s sold out. The formula is superb and the color is unique and wildly flattering. I have way too many highlighting powders in my stash but for the last 2 months I’ve been using Blushed Copper religiously. I recommend it to just about anyone who loves to glow but I especially recommend all my WOC divas to snatch this up! You can find it exclusively at Sephora.

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

9 Thoughts to “Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector Review”

  1. Katherine T.

    I’ve been drooling over the gorgeous pictures of this highlighter, it’s way too dark/warm for me, but looks great on you! Hope they come out with a lighter, cooler version, I would drop $40 in a heartbeat to get it!

    1. You know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if they released one soon. Blushed Copper seemed to be a hit and Becca doesn’t seem to be shy about adding new shades to their lineups these days. Here’s to hoping we see more new skin perfectors soon!

  2. God that is beautiful on you Fancie!!! What an amazing product, and I’m not surprised at all that it’s Becca!!!!

    1. Thank you, Gina! The last thing I need in my life is another highlight but Blushed Copper is so gorgeous I kinda want another lol

      1. Seriously, you look insanely pretty in it….I don’t blame you for wanting another!!! I’m eyeing a blush too!!!

        1. Why thank you, darling! I think I’m going to be in trouble with those blushes. The more I see the new shades, the more I want them smh. I really want Lantana, Nightingale and Songbird

          1. I’ve just decided to ax my cravings. I just have to, I need a muffler, tags for my car, and some other things. I need mascara and I just can’t frigging decide. I guess I will get the better than sex one… I’ve never tried it, I’ll probably hate it I hate all the rest of them. I didn’t even like the deluxe sample f the Lancome one that I got. It sucks. I have had better luck with the MAC ones. I might just go order one of them. I like the MUFE one but it smudges. Can they make a good one??? OH I didn’t tell you Sephora messed up and gave me 20+ extra dollars credit on my return order! I called them back and told them — but they let it go!!! So I got 66 instead of 43!!! How amazing is that!!! God is good!!!!

          2. Well look at that! Those blessings are already on the way! Sorry those mascaras didn’t work for you but at least now you can find one that will. Lol it’s so funny you mentioned needing a muffler. I need one too! Or a new exhaust pipe or whatever. Thank goodness it’s not expensive but my truck is SO loud right now. Its been driving me crazy! And thanks to my schedule I don’t really have time to take it to the shop. Ahh life lol. I can finally afford the things I need and now I never have time to pay for them. Catch 22 LOL

          3. Yes girl, so glad that your full time gig is working for you! I need to go and get an estimate real soon on my muffler… it’s terrible. It’s funny when they go — they really go! I just finally gave up and ordered cable installation – so that’s going to cut me back quite a bit. I’m so tired of doing nothing girl. It gets so lonesome here. Like watching television is doing something….LOL! But it at least is noise… and company….

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