In a Liquid Lip Craze I Caved..

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, Potion Liquid Lipstick

And got two of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve read some pretty iffy reviews but having to walk past the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth everyday seemed to outweigh that. Isn’t it crazy how life works?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, Potion Liquid Lipstick

I kept finding myself coming over more and more to check out for the liquid lipsticks. More specifically Sad Girl and Potion. I wanted them the very moment I saw the pictures on Instagram. The colors are bold and totally up my alley!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, Potion Liquid Lipstick

My first pick was, Sad Girl, a rich plum with a metallic finish. I have a few plums in my stash but nothing quite like Sad Girl. It’s loaded with fine shimmer that gives matte lips a really unique metallic finish that’s stunning. I learned that after falling in love with Sephora’s Polished Purple Cream Lip Stain so I decided to go ahead and grab this baby so I can try it for myself.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, Potion Liquid Lipstick

Then you know I had to have Potion, of course. I love all things purple! Potion is a deep eggplant that’s one sexy, vampy beast. It reminds me a bit of MAC Punk Couture but if the formula holds up I may end up liking Potion a little more. I really love the way dark, bold colors look in an ultra matte finish.

At the moment, I’m wearing Sad Girl and things seem to be pretty good. The formula is easy to apply and feels pretty comfortable so far. I have to note that I hate the smell though. It’s like a paint/plastic mix that’s unsettling. I don’t smell it once it’s on the lips but I got a nice whiff of it when I opened the tube and made a little stink face. The smell isn’t really bad. Just off putting for a $20 lipstick. Here’s to hoping these lipsticks wear better than they smell!

Have you tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, Potion Liquid Lipstick

Potion and Sad Girl

9 Thoughts to “In a Liquid Lip Craze I Caved..”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    I’ve been wanting these two. They look great. I don’t notice a smell, but maybe that’s because of my allergies. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hopefully you don’t notice the smell because it’s kinda funky. I’m not sure why Anastasia didn’t think to add a fragrance to these. I hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

  2. Karmin

    I’ve been eyeing Potion for a while now, but never heard anything but iffy reviews about the line. I’m waiting to hear your review after a few days wear!!

    1. I’ve worn Sad Girl a couple of times and the formula is okay. It’s similar to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks but they take considerably longer to dry. So far, I like it but I think I like the KVD ones a little better

      1. Karmin

        Ohh Lord, it has a stinky smell!!! I’m so disappointed, it’s such a gorgeous color. I have allergies, but when they aren’t bothering me, I’ll be able to smell it quickly. Maybe I can find someone selling it on Instagram for a little less just to try out the line.

        1. Karmin

          And Thank you Fancie for your help!!!

      2. Karmin

        Thank you Fancie for your help!!

  3. Katherine T.

    Beautiful colors! But I won’t be able to stand the smell. I’m going to have to toss out some of my Rimmel Provocolips because they have this horrible chemical/plastic smell, not only is is nauseating, but I’m worried about ingesting it

    1. I don’t like the smell of those either. I really wish vanilla was like the standard scent for lippies. I don’t want any part of my body smelling like plastic and paint. Especially not my lips!

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