MAC Stone Lipstick Review

MAC Stone Lipstick

Nudes can be so boring sometimes. But this new wave of greige nudes? They are giving me life! You know by know that I prefer a pop of color on my lips but I find myself wearing nude lips more and more lately. I suppose the Bobbi touch is starting to get to me.

MAC Stone Lipstick

My current fave is the new MAC Stone lipstick. It’s a cool taupe with a slight ash grey undertone and a creamy matte finish. You’d think it would be eerily similar to the greige NYX Stone High Voltage Lipstick but they’re pretty different. MAC’s version is much deeper with a stronger brown undertone and a matte finish. Judging from the comparison swatches I’ve seen of Stone so far, I’d say it’s a pretty unique greige to have in your collection.

MAC Stone Lipstick

Surprisingly, Stone is actually quite flattering on a variety of complexions and I really dig the formula. It’s super easy to wear! Stone glides on smoothly and evenly with a lightweight creamy texture and intense pigmentation. Unlike most nudes, Stone is super low maintenance. The color didn’t settle into every nook and cranny of my lips or showcase any flakes and it wasn’t drying either. I also loved that Stone doesn’t look crazy or ashy without a lip liner. You can actually pop this baby on and go. Though, I do like to pair it with a deeper liner like NYX Expresso for a little definition.

Stone wears quite well and rather comfortably for around 4-5 hours before it starts to fade and leave a light stain. Since the color is so cool and laid-back, it doesn’t leave behind a patchy, dry looking mess like most nude lipsticks so you can just pop on a little gloss and enjoy some more. I just love how fuss free Stone is! I know the color can seem a little intimidating but I recommend swatching this baby and trying it on the next time you hit the MAC counter. It’s a really gorgeous nude!

MAC Stone Lipstick

MAC Stone Lipstick

MAC Stone Lipstick

11 Thoughts to “MAC Stone Lipstick Review”

  1. KinksCurlsandLOVE

    I am loving stone on you! Looks like a perfect Nude lippie. I need to get my hands on this. I wonder what it’ll look like on me.

    1. Thank you! I love me some Stone! It’s surpassingly l surprisingly very easy to wear and so flattering. I think it would look beautiful on you! Your lighter complexion will give it a little more contrast and make it standout. I hope you try it!

  2. Katherine T.

    Stone looks beautiful on you! I see pics of people rocking this color, but not sure if I can pull it off. I think I’m going to look either really cool or really dead ! LOL

    1. Thank you!! Lmao I was like that with Rihanna’s Nude lipstick but I ended up liking that one too. The key seems to be finding the right lip liner or gloss to pair with it. Stone certainly isn’t the kinda shade you can just rock straight out of the tube lol

  3. Karmin

    Stone looks great on you!! I’ve been eyeing it for a while now, thinking I’ll be getting it indefinitely!!

    1. Thanks, Karmin! I hope you like it too!

  4. Lisa

    Wow..I wish Stone looked that good on me! 🙂 I have to layer it with either Steel Kiss or Spite to get the look I want.

    1. Have you tried pairing it with some deeper lip liners? I love using a deep plummy brown to help the color pop a little more

  5. Karmin

    I am loving the Stone on you!! I looks like the perfect nude…Guess I’ll be picking this up! Have you seen the new Kat Von D lippies yet? What’s your thoughts on her matte lipstick? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you! And yes I have! I picked up a couple of them including Ayesha and Exorcism. I have my eye on Bow n Arrow, Echo, Damned and a couple more too. The formula is really easy to apply and it’s pretty good on the lips too. My lips are always dry and these still wear well on me without feeling super drying. I totally recommend trying one!

      1. Karmin

        Thank you for your honest opinion! I’ll probably wait until Christmas, because she’s doing a box set!

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