On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

L'Oreal 209 Choco-Lacque Le Lacque, Wet n Wild Hollywood Boulevard To Reflect Shimmer Palette, Starbucks Pink Stainless Steel Cold Cup

Heeeeeey pink lovers! I hope you’ve been having an upbeat, stress free week so far. If not,  I’ve got a handful of goodies to share with you on this sunny Pink Wednesday that should definitely cheer you up. They’re already putting me in a great mood!

L'Oreal 209 Choco-Lacque Le Lacque, Wet n Wild Hollywood Boulevard To Reflect Shimmer Palette

Along with a few other things, of course. Today is my dad’s birthday and I think he’s the most amazing person in the whole wide world so I’m in great spirits about that. And then I get to road trip to Virginia to see my best friend graduate which has me really pumped. Nothing but good times!

And some pretty makeup too! Although I’m spending most of the day preparing for my quick weekend getaway I still have to work a few hours tonight so I’m gonna paint myself pretty in pink with some new drugstore goodies. I’ve decided to take a brief break from matte lips today with one of the new L’Oreal Le Lacque pens in Choco-Lacque. It’s a soft pinky nude that should hopefully last me through my shift. On my cheeks, I’m going to highlight with the ever so lovely Wet n Wild Hollywood Boulevard Shimmer Palette. I’ve been wearing it for the past week and I think it’s the most amazing thing ever for $3!

Starbucks Pink Stainless Steel Cold Cup

To up the pink ante, I picked up this incredibly adorable pink Starbucks tumbler. I spotted it on Instagram and thought it was the cutest thing ever so when I spotted the last one at my local Starbucks I made a move for it. I totally need a million tumblers, honestly. I tote around 2-3 water bottles to work plus a Starbucks Frappuccino to go so this baby is definitely going to come in handy!

10 Thoughts to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Katherine T.

    I’m going to be ordering that Wet N Wild leopard print highlighter online -it is too cute!

    1. Rachel Runyan

      It’s a great highlighter, too. The pan is HUGE. You’ll probably never need to buy another one unless it breaks. lol

      1. Katherine T.

        After your comment, I compared the pan to the Starbucks mug that’s right next to it, and you’re right, it is huge! Might last me a lifetime, and still have enough left over to dust on shoulders

        1. Hell on your legs and chest too lol!

      2. Isn’t it?! I cannot stop using it lol. And the pan is GIGANTIC! I can’t picture anyone finishing one of these lol

    2. And the quality is amazing omg!

  2. Rachel Runyan

    I hope your dad had a great b-day. Choco-Lacque looks like my kind of brownish pink. I’ll have to check it out. My pink for Wednesday was Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Evangeline.

    1. Why thank you! I think you’ll love Choco-Lacque! I ended wearing all this week lol. It’s just a great everyday lip. I keep telling myself I’m going to check out some Sitka lippies. Those liquid lipsticks keep creeping onto my Instagram feed and I don’t think I can resist them any longer lol

  3. Lisa

    Nice! Happy belated bday to your dad! And have fun in VA!

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