CoverGirl is Releasing a Star Wars Collection!

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Ready to go geek chic this fall? Then you’re in luck ’cause CoverGirl has whipped up an entire limited edition Star Wars collection to have you hitting the theater with an out of this world look. I have to be honest. I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie in my life LOL. I’m not even sure I could really sit through one either but this collection is still a little intriguing. There’s lipsticks, mascaras and more that just might catch your eye even if you’re not a Star Wars fangirl. Check it out!

Colorlicious Lipstick ($7.99)

  • Droid — Gold #40
  • Lilac #20
  • Stormtrooper — Dark Purple #50
  • Red #30
  • Silver #10

Star Wars SuperSizer Mascara ($7.49)

The SuperSizer is the only mascara with a specialized Lash Styler. With a narrow core and shorter bristles, the Lash Styler allows lashes more direct access to the mascara for explosive first stroke impact. End-look lashes are not only dramatic and more voluminous – but 400% bigger! SuperSizer formula stays flexible long enough to play, sculpt and style lashes corner to corner. The 10 CoverGirl SuperSizer Masara are divided into 5 Light Side (Waterproof) and 5 Dark Side (Regular) SKUs and include iconic Star Wars movie lines, unique to their corresponding side.

  • 5x Light Side (Waterproof): “May The Force Be With You”; “Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”; “You’re My Only Hope”; “I Feel The Good In You”; “Luminous Beings Are We”
  • 5x Dark Side (Regular): “I Will Finish What You Started”; “There Has Been An Awakening”; “Indeed You Are Powerful”; “You Will Meet Your Destiny”; “Immune To the Light”

Star Wars Nail Gloss ($6.99)

  • Light
  • Nemesis
  • Red Revenge

The CoverGirl Star Wars Collection will be available online starting September 4th and will be available in drugstores, beauty stores and food retailers beginning mid-September while supplies last.

Catch an exclusive sneak peek video of the collection over at Allure!

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  1. Rachel Runyan

    I really want the lipsticks. The mascaras are cute, but different shades would have been nice.

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