New Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & Concealer!

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer Collection

When it comes to buying makeup that’s good for your skin Bobbi Brown is the brand to go to. Bobbi has done an incredible amount of research on natural ingredients and essentials oils to help formulate her skincare and makeup line with anti-aging benefits and more. Her latest creation is the new line of Intensive Skin Serum Correctors & Concealers infused with the new Intensive Skin Supplement Serum.

The new Intensive Skin Serum Correctors and Concealers will deliver the same exceptional coverage and creaminess as her original bestselling Correctors and Creamy Concealers but with an added skincare boost. Here’s the full scoop from Bobbi:

Formulated to treat as they conceal dark circles, these silky hybrids feature a skin-boosting blend of Cordyceps Mushroom, Indian Tree Root and Bamboo Grass Extracts for an array of transformative benefits:

  • Help to visibly counteract major causes of dark circles including aging and excess pigmentation.
  • Re-energize tired looking skin and support its natural repair process.
  • Significantly boost moisture-levels under the eyes for a plumper and smoother, more refreshed look.

The weightless serum texture floats over skin and are designed to be layered. Corrector neutralizes discoloration and Concealer evens out skin tone for a fresher, brighter, more rejuvenated look — instantly and day after day. In shades for all skin tones.

My counter manager and I are both new to Bobbi so we decided to play around in the original Correctors and Creamy Concealers before we finally received the rest of our Welcome Gratis. According to Bobbi’s face chart guide, I was directed to use Very Deep Bisque as a Corrector and Almond as my Creamy Concealer. I’ve been a #NARSissist for years now when it comes to concealer but I think Bobbi may have just gotten me hooked.

The original Corrector and Creamy Concealer combo looked so natural and smooth! It was almost like I was wearing no concealer at all — it looked like I just had bright, even eyes and a flawless complexion. Who doesn’t want that? I probably won’t be kicking my holy grail NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to the curb anytime soon but I’m pretty pleased so far with Bobbi’s original Correctors and Creamy Concealers that I’m dying to try the new Intensive Skin Serum formulas. My under eyes are perpetually dry and always soaking up concealer so I’m curious to see how this intensive formula will work for me. Thank goodness my counter receives them this week!

Will you be trying the new Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & Concealer?