On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

NARS Panic Dual Intensity Blush Duo

Happy hump day! I don’t know about you guys but it’s been so gloomy here all week and I’m dying to pick up my spirits with a little pink. Michigan weather is crazy weird. We went straight from beautiful 90º summer weather to a chilly fall breeze with almost no sun in sight in a matter of days. So I’m looking to brighten my day up with a little pink blush and lipstick a la NARS today.

NARS Panic Dual Intensity Blush Duo

I ordered the NARS Panic Dual Intensity Blush Duo ages ago and almost completely forgot about it until rummaging my stash for a Milani lipstick this morning. Isn’t it crazy how life works? Anywho! Panic sports NARS new Dual Intensity formula which can be worn dry and wet and features 2  blushes: a shimmering fuchsia and a shimmering orange-pink. So far, I’ve only swatched this beauty but I was surprised by how sheer both shades were. NARS is known for their ultra pigmented blushes but I had to build these a bit to really get a good swatch. Makes me wonder just how pigmented it’ll be when applied wet. Though I don’t think I’d be all that comfortable applying wet blush to my face. I don’t know. It just seems weird LOL.

I am excited to try both colors though — especially the orange-y one. I’m a sucker for orange toned blushes and I have a feeling this beauty will suit me well. Plus, I know it’ll be damn hard to overdo so it just may be a keeper!

Have you tried any of the NARS Dual Intensity Blushes before?

NARS Panic Dual Intensity Duo

One Thought to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    I have Fervor. I really like the colors dry. I’m with you on trying them wet. Just…no. lol

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