Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator Review

Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator

As a self proclaimed lipstick queen, I have become obsessed with keeping my lips soft, smooth and flake free. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect lipstick shade, slathering it on and then watching your dry lips flake, peel and pick that poor color apart. It’s heartbreaking! That’s why I rarely hesitate to pick up a new lip scrub here and there whenever I spot one.

Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator

Lately, I have been downright obsessed with Shea Moisture so when I stopped by Target to pick up more shower essentials I grabbed the Lip Exfoliator too. Well it turns out that not everything Shea Moisture makes is liquid gold because I think this lip scrub is just okay. Not bad. Not too good either. Let’s just say that it gets the job done.

The Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator has a very waxy texture that’s thick and littered with fine grain of apricot seeds and sugar that’s supposed to buff away stubborn flakes and condition the lips when paired with a wet washcloth. It did leave my lips feeling soft but it didn’t exfoliate nearly as well as I was hoping. To really remove all of my dry flakes, I had to really slather this stuff on and then buff with a warm, wet washcloth. It seems that a light layer just doesn’t cut it. Which is a catch 22 because if you slather it on like I did you’ll be using a considerable amount and end up running through this stuff like water.

In a pinch, the Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator is doable. Like, if you left your favorite scrub at home and needed to grab a quick, cheap one–this could work. But if you have super dry lips that need some heavy duty exfoliating I’d say skip this and check out Lush or Makeup Academy’s sugar lip scrubs.

5 Thoughts to “Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator Review”

  1. Lisa

    Awwwww that’s too bad. Not sure if you’ve ever tired ELF lip exfoliater but for $3 bucks it’s not bad.

    1. I have actually and I liked it better than this lol. Shea Moisture’s is a little more forgiving on the lips but I need that heavy duty scrubbing you get from the Elf one. I have some stubborn flakes man lol

  2. Karmin

    That’s to bad, I need a backup. I’m not having any success finding the Makeup Academy Lip Scrub…ugh!!

    1. Aww I’m sorry to hear that! Maybe try the Elf one. Or you could even make your own using olive oil and sugar.

      1. Karmin

        I’ll definitely have to try and find the Elf one, but I’m going to keep searching…fingers crossed.

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