Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush Review

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

When Urban Decay released their new summer collection it was like an atomic makeup bomb. Blushes, lipsticks, glosses…..oh my! Now you can literally spend an hour (or more) sitting in front of the Urban Decay booth swatching up some stuff. Especially the new Afterglow Blushes!

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

I believe this is the first line of individual blushes ever for Urban Decay so it makes things all the more exciting. There’s 12 tempting shades but I was instantly drawn to the most interesting one of the bunch, Bittersweet. Bittersweet is a vibrant purple with a very slight pink undertone that’s surprisingly wearable.

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

See, that sly pink undertone keeps Bittersweet from looking too “bruised” and the formula really lends a helping hand, too. Bittersweet has a very soft, finely milled texture that’s slightly sheer so it’s easy to apply, build and blend as you go. It looks beautiful on deeper complexions but I think it’s still pretty wearable for lighter complexions too.

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

When I first swatched Bittersweet I thought I would reserve it for my more dramatic looks but I like it for everyday looks too. It’s so easy to control the color and intensity. Plus it really complements my brown skin. I actually wear it to work quite often as it looks really natural for poppin’ purple blush.

Of course, Bittersweet isn’t for everyone but I totally recommend it if you’re willing to take a walk on the purple side! The color is bold but it’s quite wearable and the formula is quite divine too. Bittersweet blends like a dream and holds up to its 8 hour wear claim with a couple of more hours to boot. If you love purple, you definitely need Bittersweet!

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow 8-Hour Blush


10 Thoughts to “Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush Review”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    I love Bittersweet. You’re right, it works on lighter complexions. I just use a fluffy brush and a light hand.

    1. I had a feeling it would look pretty on you. Glad you like it!

  2. KinksCurlsandLOVE

    It looks gorgeous on you! I hope NyX or some other drugstore brand has a dupe.

    1. Thank you! Honestly, I’m surprised NYX hasn’t whipped up a purple blush yet. I’d love to see them make one! The only dupe I can think of for this would be La Femme Mulberry blush I believe which is like $3-4. You should check it out!

  3. Katherine T.

    I’m light/light medium and it works great on me. You can go sheer or dramatic, and the color goes well with so many of my purple lipsticks. A great product

    1. I knew you would love it! I’m just so happy to have a purple blush to match all my purple lippies!

  4. Jill Firns

    Girl that looks killer on you!!!

  5. Nikki

    I’m wearing this today! It’s one of my loves!

    1. I bet it looks amazing on you Nikki!

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