What’s on Your Nails?

Kleancolor Lavender Kiss Nail Polish

It’s been a long time since I’ve went out and purchased a polish but on my next off day I’m going to do exactly that. The last time I got my nails done, I spotted the cutest pale pinky lavender polish by Kleancolor called Lavender Kiss. The color looked pretty enticing in the bottle but once I saw how it looked on my nails I did a quick little dance in my seat. Lavender Kiss is so freakin’ cute!!

I’d grown quite attached to my coffin nails so I’ve been a little bummed about having to cut them down into short squares but Kleancolor has helped eased me into them with their pretty nail colors. I enjoyed Cherry Sky (a beautiful soft Barbie pink) but I’m especially loving Lavender Kiss. I almost want to wear it all over again next week because I love the color so much!

What’s currently on your nails?