What’s Your Favorite Natural Product?

Hollywood Beauty Pure Coconut Oil

I’ll always love my fancy creams and cleansers but I can’t deny that natural products get the job done just as well sometimes–and for a fraction of the price, too. One of my favorite natural products is pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of nature’s many beauty wonder oils as it has a ton of skin, hair and nail benefits.

Since I’ve discovered the wonderfulness that is pure coconut oil I’ve been slathering it all over from head to toe. It moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling baby soft and smooth while giving it a sweet subtle coconut scent. When applied to my hair, it’s deeply conditioning and adds moisture, shine and slip for easy detangling. I even like to rub a bit on my cuticles to keep them nice and moisturized or keep my polish from smudging. Coconut oil is liquid gold!

What’s your favorite natural product?