Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light is Back!

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light Powder

Don’t you just love when limited edition products make a comeback? I know I do! Last year, Bobbi released 2 limited edition High Light Powders in her holiday collection that turned out to be a huge hit. Now that strobing is all the rage, Bobbi has decided to bring her iconic Pink Glow and Bronze Glow High Light Powders back this year–just in time for the holiday season!

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light Powder

There’s some good news and bad news with this release though. The good news, is that the shades and quality appear to be the same as the original versions released last year. Yay! The bad news, however, is that Bronze Glow and Pink Glow are still limited edition and this time around they’re a Sephora exclusive so it could be tricky to get your hands on them in stores. On the bright side, there seems to be plenty stock online so hurry and order yours now before they’re gone!


One Thought to “Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow High Light is Back!”

  1. I just caught a little 32$ number @ Sac’s. Got free shipping too girl. Bobbie Brown Bellini Limited. That’s what it is. CUTE!!!! Five shadows, two mattes and three shimmers and a gloss. I was just browsing and it just came out. It won’t last long at that price. One of the shadows is so big (looked) I might be able to double it as a highlighter….? FUN! There’s just SO much out there, and Laura stuff! Gosh, all this stuff is killing me Fancie!!!

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