Murad Essential-C Cleanser Review

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

It’s not often that I win giveaways so when I received an email from Danielle, The Style and Beauty Doctor, saying that I’d won a Murad Healthy Skincare Regimen Kit I was bouncing off the walls. Talk about good luck! I’d never tried any Murad products before but I’ve always heard good things about them so I was anxious to see what the hype was about.

The kit came right on time because I had just polished off my Cetaphil cleanser and was on the hunt for a new daytime cleanser. The Murad Essential-C Cleanser was included in my kit which is described as an “antioxidant rich cleanser that rehydrates environmentally damaged skin.” It’s formulated with:

  • A combination of vitamins A, C and E to defend skin against free radical damage
  • Phospholipids ans sodium PCA to attract and bind moisture to dry skin
  • Allantoin and panthenol to soothe environmentally stressed skin

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

Dry skin? Check. Environmentally stressed skin? Maybe. This may sound crazy but I didn’t start incorporating sunscreen into my skincare routine until recently. Gasp! Since I’ve learned the error of my ways, I’ve noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and behaves–and I think the Essential-C Cleanser plays a part in that. Before I began using sunscreen and the Essential-C Cleanser I struggled a lot with hyper-pigmentation and fine, dry lines–mostly those pesky fine lines. I don’t mind them too much because as Bobbi says, I’ve “earned” them through smiling, laughing and a good puff or two here and there. However, they are a complete pain in the ass when it comes to makeup because every foundation, powder and concealer manages to find its way into those pesky lines. Now that I’m more diligent about protecting my skin from the sun I’ve noticed that I don’t struggle with my fine lines or hyper-pigmentation as much.

Of course, I have to attribute part of that to the SPF 50 lotion from Bobbi Brown I’ve been wearing lately but I can’t deny that I’ve seen much more of an improvement since I’ve added the Essential-C Cleanser. This refreshing cleanser has a lightweight clear gel texture loaded with fine golden beads and a sweet citrus scent that melts into an emulsifying oil when mixed with water. It gently removes dirt, oil and even non-waterproof makeup for a thorough, squeaky clean without the tight, dry feeling afterwards.

I’ve been using the Essential-C Cleanser for over a month now and my skin looks visibly brighter, my fine lines are less noticeable and my complexion looks more clear. Not to mention, I haven’t experienced any breakouts or annoying small bumps either. I do think the Murad Essential-C Cleanser is a bit pricey (starts at $36) but if you’re worried about sun damage and clear skin it’s worth grabbing a sample from your local Sephora. I’m almost halfway through my deluxe mini but the full sized version is definitely on my Christmas list!

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