My First Colour Pop Order!

Colour Pop Happy Hour Bronzer, Avalon Highlighter, Limbo Ultra Matte Lip, Tootsi Lippie Stix, Ellarie Lippie Pencil, Fern Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Pencil, Grind Lippie Pencil

Raise your hand if you love cheap affordable makeup! Ain’t no shame in it, girl. I love a good budget beauty buy because these days affordable makeup doesn’t always mean cheap. Sometimes you pay a little only to end up getting a lot more than you’ve bargained for. Take Colour Pop, for instance. This cool new indie brand has taken the makeup world by storm with its ultra affordable line of eyeshadows, lippies and more all under $10 — and it’s all good! *Biggie voice*

Colour Pop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip, Tootsi Lippie Stix

Colour Pop’s most popular products are arguably their line of lippies which includes lip liners and lipsticks in a wide shade range and variety of finishes. Naturally, I went straight for the lipsticks which, to be completely honest, was a little overwhelming. In a good way. There’s so many shades to choose from that you could easily rack up a $60 cart in just lippies even though they’re only $5 and $6 a piece. I would know because I’m speaking from experience LOL! I’ve been eying Colour Pop for so long that I’ve managed to rack up a laundry list of “wants”. So my first trip to the site was all too exhilarating. I wanted it all!

By the grace of the wallet gods, I managed to end up with just 2 lipsticks — a Lippie Stix and an Ultra Matte Lip. My first pick was Tootsi Lippie Stix, a cool toned grey beige with a matte finish. I immediately popped it in my cart because I’ve seen way too many WOC swatches on Instagram that made it look like such a pretty nude. Then I headed over to the Ultra Matte Lip section which was really tricky because I have a lot of them on my list. A lot. However, I didn’t want to start off ordering a bunch because there’s been some mixed reviews about them. So I settled on just one, Limbo, a deep chocolate brown that I knew would make a nice, edgy fall lip.

Colour Pop Ellarie Lippie Pencil, Fern Lippie Pencil, Grind Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lip Pencil

Next, I headed over to the Lippie Pencils to start beefing up my lip liner collection. I have a nice stash of MAC and NYX lip liners but $5 lip pencils are just too hard to resist and Colour Pop has a like a million shades that I don’t already own. That’s excuse enough right? Good! I ended up tossing 4 of them into my cart including:

  • Ellarie blackened violet
  • Fern cool toned violet
  • Tootsi cool toned grey beige
  • Grind vivid blue violet

Colour Pop Happy Hour Bronzer, Avalon Highlighter

After barely making it out of the lippies section alive, I made a beeline to the cheek stuff to grab the highlighter and bronzer I’ve been lusting after for months. Avalon, true golden bronze, is so gorgeous it’ll dazzle you in your sleep! All of the swatches I’ve seen have looked amazing so it was the first shade I was drawn to. Notice I said first because Butterfly Beach (and maybe Wisp) may end up coming home with me soon, too. 🙈

Happy Hour was hands down the easiest part of my hauling because there aren’t too many bronzers to choose from — especially for brown skin. We’re left with good ol’ Happy Hour, a deepened bronze with a matte finish that looks like it could work for a variety of complexions. I really liked how it looked on Charisma so I went ahead and took a chance on it. I have a feeling it’s going to be a nice everyday contour for me so I’m itching to put it to the test. Now on to the swatches!

Have you tried anything from Colour Pop?

Colour Pop Ellarie Lippie Pencil, Fern Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Pencil, Grind Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Stix, Limbo Ultra Matte Lip, Happy Hour Bronzer, Avalon Highlighter

Ellarie Lippie Pencil, Fern Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Pencil, Grind Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Stix, Limbo Ultra Matte Lip, Happy Hour Bronzer and Avalon Highlighter

12 Thoughts to “My First Colour Pop Order!”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    Glad you finally got to try them out! They’re pretty awesome.

    1. They really are! I’ve already ordered some more stuff lol

  2. I bought some eyeshadows, a lip matte liquid lips and one lippiestix. I am in love.

    1. The eyeshadows are next on my list. After playing around with the highlighter and bronzer I know I’m going to be all over the shadows. I just need to decide which shades to try first lol

  3. Katherine T.

    Congrats Fancie on your first Colour Pop haul! I KNEW you were going to pick Fern and Tootsie LOL. You showed such restraint. Everytime I go online, I have to resist the urge to dump everything (and I mean everything) into my cart and hit the buy button. I have so many of their shadows, lippies, lipliners, blushes. You must try Monster highlighter –it’s a duo chrome pink opal shimmer that I think will look stunning on you

    1. LOL I’m so predictable! It wasn’t easy not going crazy this time around but I can’t really pat myself on the back because a week later I placed another order lmao. I haven’t even received it yet and I’m thinking about getting some more stuff this week. I really want to try the shadows and blushes and I want more lippies and highlighters too. I think I’ma gonna add Monster to my list too since I’m already on the site smh lol

      1. Katherine T.

        Yep, Colour Pop is totally addictive!!! Welcome to the club LOL Hope you enjoy 🙂

  4. Zovesta

    Yay!! One of my favourite bloggers met up with one of my favourite brands, finally! <3 So glad you're liking them.

    1. You’re all too kind! I really love your blog too. You were one of the people who tempted me to make a second order lol. I have a feeling I’m going to addicted to this stuff!

      1. !! <3 I’m beyond addicted…

  5. Jessica Ruth

    Yay! I was looking forward to this. Looks like I need the Grind lip liner and the Happy Hour bronzer. You need Most Necessary and Wisp highlighters.

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