New to Makeup? Read This!


Makeup is so much fun but it can also be very intimidating. When I first got into makeup I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I’d just watch all the pretty gals on YouTube going to town — making it look easy as cake. But it isn’t. Not by a long shot! Does it get easier as you practice and grow? Of course.

You just can’t expect to go from complete beginner to makeup artist extraordinaire after watching a couple YouTube tutorials though. Like Rome, the perfect beat face technique wasn’t developed overnight. It takes time, an open mind and hell of a good eye!

Don’t know where to begin your makeup journey? Start with the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. It was the first beauty book I’ve ever read and, 3 years later, I still love to read it because it’s chock full of information, tricks and tips from everything to skincare to party makeup.

Since I’m a new makeup artist to the Bobbi Brown team, I was required to look through it again and, believe it or not, I still learn a lot each time I go over it. That’s why I wanted to share it with you all! I know you’re just as makeup obsessed as me and would love to learn some professional tricks from Bobbi too, right?

Sure, you might not want to be a makeup artist but Bobbi’s Makeup Manual is designed for everyone from beginners to professionals. You’ll quickly learn how to build a solid brush arsenal, choose the best skincare products for your type and even learn how to apply false lashes. Plus more!

If you haven’t read Bobbi’s Makeup Manual yet I highly recommend checking it out. And for a more hands on experience, drop by your local Bobbi Brown counter! We offer complimentary makeup lessons ranging from skincare to smokey eyes to teach you exactly how to use all this awesome makeup you’ve been hauling. If you’re in Michigan, drop by or schedule an appointment to come see me at Macy’s 12 Oaks!