What’s in My Workbag

What's in my makeup bag

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a “what’s in my bag” kinda post but I find them fun and interesting so I figured I’d update ya. I’m pretty much always at work so I very seldom carry a purse these days. Which is ironic because I ended up buying a few handbags that were on sale at Aldo. Yes a few. Three to be exact. I know, that’s completely insane but they were all half off and I had been dying to get my hands on one in 2 colors for months so I went for it. I ended up grabbing the New Hook and Imaal bags for $30 a pop. So I guess I better start carrying one again now, huh?

Anywho! I’m currently sporting my Bobbi tote to work so I’ve popped my makeup bag inside to keep my essentials organized and ready to go for when I’m in a rush. Which is always. Here’s what I keep inside at the moment:

  • MAC Demure Dazzleglass I always keep this sheer shimmering neutral pink gloss in my purse because it goes well with any lipstick and adds a touch of moisture when I need it. Demure is also loaded with iridescent shimmer that takes every lip color to the next level so its’ great to keep on hand for an extra oomph too.
  • Milani Matte Beauty Color Statement Lipstick Working for Bobbi Brown means always keeping a good nude lip handy and Matte Beauty definitely falls into that category. It’s an easy to wear shade that allows me to skip the lip liner if I don’t have time and looks really flattering against my complexion. I also love that the matte formula doesn’t dry out my already dry lips.
  • Prada Candy Rollerball This is all my all time favorite perfume so it’s no shocker that I keep the rollerball on hand to refresh throughout the day. Or more importantly, to toss on some perfume in the car before I forgot rushing out the door. It’s just a seriously convenient way to ensure I smell as sweet and luxurious as amber and vanilla all day.
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Rollerball Daisy Dream is actually a new addition to my workbag but I ended up tossing it in after I mixed it with Flowerbomb one day (another fave) and loved the combo. Daisy Dream is along the lines Dot and Honey with its mix of fruity and floral notes which makes me feel all warm and girly inside. I love to spritz it on when I’m feeling cute and flirty.
  • Urban Decay Bittersweet Revolution Lip Gloss Sometimes (most times) I grow tired of the natural look Bobbi pushes and like to spice things up with a little color. I always reach for my UD Bittersweet gloss because it’s a poppin’ purple that’s not too bright but still makes quite a statement. I receive tons of compliments every time I wear it so it’s probably never leaving my makeup bag. Ever.
  • Chanel 54 Amarante Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Liner Since I’m almost always in a nude lip I need a brown lip liner that’ll go with pretty much everything and this is it. Amarante is a deep plummy brown with a slight purple undertone that really sets it apart from all the other brown liners I’ve tried. I love how it adds definition to my lips and a bit edge with that slightest hint of purple. I just hate that it’s been discontinued though!
  • Sally Hansen Tweezers As a falsies junkie, I always have a pair of tweezers on hands just in case I need to reapply. I spotted this cute white set of tweezers by Sally Hansen that came with an even cuter hot pink leather cover that I had to have. There’s nothing like style and functionality!
  • Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara Every makeup bag needs a mascara mini, right? I’m quick to select those little mascara samples during checkout (thanks Sephora and Nordstrom!) because they’re great for travel and trying different formulas.My coworker gave me this Smokey Eye Mascara mini to keep in my purse and it’s the bomb on my lower lashes. It gives me lots of length and a little volume in just a single coat but I can still layer it on without getting that dreaded clumpy spider leg look. I’m already plotting on the full sized tube.
  • Jack Black Lemon Lip Balm As much as I love matte lips, they can start to wreak havoc after around 4 hours so I keep my Jack Black balm on hand to keep my lips from getting too dry and flaky while I’m chatting at work all day. It’s so thick and hydrating, I can just swipe on a little and enjoy comfortably soft lips all day.
  • Kiss Aloe Strip Lash Adhesive Along with tweezers, I also keep eyelash adhesive on hand just in case I need to reapply. My eyes are always watery and I love to catch a good breeze with the windows down so sometimes my ends start to lift before the end of the day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the half falling off lash look so I’m quick to pop those babies off right at the counter and reapply to keep my fierce falsies on fleek.

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  1. Zovesta

    Fancie, I would love to work with you, if only so I could see your awesome looks every day! These all look gorgeous. <3

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