Even More ColourPop Goodies!

Oh Snap Lippie Stix, Kapow Ultra Matte Lipstick, Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lipstick, So Quiche Super Shock Shadow, Monster Super Shock Cheek, Most Necessary Super Shock Cheek, Sticky Sweet Super Shock Cheek, Highly Waisted Super Shock Cheek

Because I can’t go too long without finding myself on ColourPop adding more goodies to my cart. I just can’t help myself! When everything is excellent quality and under $10 how do you resist? The answer is you don’t. You buy it all until there’s nothing left on your list. Like I’m over here doing LOL.

ColourPop is still a pretty new brand but I was one of the last ones on the bandwagon so I’ve managed to whip an extensive list of “must-haves” in the last few months. There’s basically everything on it including lipsticks, shadows, blushes and now eyeliners. My first and second orders were mostly all about the lippies but my latest haul is all about cheeks.

ColourPop Monster, Most Necessary, Sticky Sweet, Highly Waisted Super Shock Cheek

I mean all about cheeks! You guys know I’m a highlighter junkie so I decided to add 3 more shades to my collection as well as try one of the pearlized blushes. My picks were:

  • Monster light pink with highly opalescent duo chrome finish
  • Most Necessary soft copper with rosy gold highlights
  • Sticky Sweet deep violet with pink duo chrome finish
  • Highly Waisted soft golden peach with pink and gold duo chrome finishes

I haven’t tried any of them on yet but I still think I may struggle to pick a favorite out of these because they’re all so beautiful! I have to say that I’m the most intrigued by Monster though. In the words of Jackie Aina, “Monster looks like a hell no!” However, I was so blown away when I finally got to see this baby in action. It’s such a gorgeously unique highlight that looks beautiful against my brown skin.

ColourPop So Quiche Super Shock Shadow

I’ve been finding myself wearing Nillionaire a ton lately smudged on my bottom lid for glittery smokey effect so I went back for So Quiche. In the pan, it looks a lot like Nillionaire but they’re totally different. So Quiche is described as a soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish. It’s basically a stunning warm, dirty olive with overloaded with pink and violet glitter that gives it a sick pinkish duo chrome finish. I think it’ll make a beautiful all over the lid color for everyday or it’ll sparkle up a nice smoky look.

Oh Snap Lippie Stix, Kapow Ultra Matte Lipstick, Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lipstick

We all know no haul is complete without lipsticks, right? ColourPop recently launched 5 limited edition Ultra Matte Lipstick shades for fall so I thought it was the perfect time to add a few more lippies to my stash. I ordered:

  • Oh Snap Lippie Stix pale dirty nude pink (matte)
  • Kapow Ultra Matte Lip muted grey taupe
  • Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lip muted plummy brown

Chilly Chili was my first pick of the limited edition shades since I’ve been digging brown lips and nudes a lot these days but part of me is wishing I would have picked up the other ones too. ColourPop has really been knocking their fall releases out the park!

I also managed to get my hands on the ever so popular and always sold out Kapow along with one of the new Lippie shades, Oh Snap. All 3 are great fall lip options for WOC and I’ve been pretty pleased with my ColourPop lippies so far so I already know they’ll be great quality too. I can’t wait to dig my fingers in all these goodies!

ColourPop So Quiche Super Shock Shadow, Most Necessary Super Shock Cheek, Monster Super Shock Cheek, Highly Waisted Super Shock Cheek, Sticky Sweet Super Shock Cheek

So Quiche Super Shock Shadow, Most Necessary Super Shock Cheek, Monster Super Shock Cheek, Highly Waisted Super Shock Cheek and Sticky Sweet Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Kapow Ultra Matte Lipstick, Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lipstick, Oh Snap! Lippie Stix

Kapow Ultra Matte Lip, Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lip and Oh Snap Lippie Stix

10 Thoughts to “Even More ColourPop Goodies!”

  1. Katherine T.

    Oh, you have definitely joined the Colour Pop Addicts Club LOL And I see you got Monster –isn’t it something? The camera just can’t capture that duo chrome pinky opal sheen. Jackie Aina has a you -tube video where she brushes it on her cheeks, and she looks stunning!! Her cheekbones look like glowing pink beacons of light. I bet Sticky Sweet will look great on you too. So Quiche is pretty but my fave CP shadow is Hammered, it’s a shimmery olive gold bronze shade. Anyways, hope you enjoy your haul!

    1. LOL I definitely have! That’s actually the video that inspired these picks lol. I had a ball watching her swatch video. Probably too much fun because it made me want like everything lol. Especially Monster! I was curious after you suggested it but after seeing it on her I was blown away. The camera really doesn’t do it any justice. It’s SO gorgeous in person! It’s funny you mentioned Hammered too because that one is also on my list. I’m just a sucker for olives lol

  2. Jessica Ruth

    Loving this haul! Chilly Chili is definitely a fave.

    1. Isn’t it pretty? I’m gonna be rocking it all fall!

  3. Kay's Ways

    It’s so easy to be addicted to ColourPop and me seeing this post didn’t help lol. Those cheek and eyshadow shades are gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with a CP order, they’re slowly becoming my fave (I’m rocking LAX right now ;-))

    1. Lol I’ve been trying to avoid CP hauls and swatches because it’s so easy to run over and place an order with everything being so cheap. Lax is the next liquid lipstick on my list. Along with Drive In. I’ve been addicted to their liquid lipsticks lately lol

  4. Jessy Ferreira

    That kapow shade is soo beautiful!! Plus, it has the funniest name lol 🙂


    Xoxo Jessy

    1. LOL I just love the name too! It’s so fun and the color is just gorgeous

  5. Oh man, I really want to see Sticky Sweet on you. =D Lovely haul! 😉

    1. I’ve been on a real purple kick lately. I’m gonna whip up a look and post it soon!

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