Kerastase Vox Box First Impressions

Kerastase Resistance Bain Therapiste Shampoo, Soin Premier Therapiste

It’s always a good day when I receive a Vox Box from Influenster! Most times, I receive goodies from brands I’m familiar with (and usually love) but every now and then I get to try something different. Which is the real treat. I’ve ended up trying some really great products that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

This time around I received some haircare goodies from Kerastase that I’m positive I would have walked right past if I spotted them out while shopping. My hair is pretty thick and curly so I tend to stick to the ethnic section of haircare aisles plus I prefer products that I can actually pronounce LOL. However, the Kerastase Vox Box has turned out to be a pretty good thing!

Kerastase Resistance Soin Premier Therapiste

I received the shampoo and conditioner from the Resistance Collection which is designed to condition and revive damage, over-processed hair. I wouldn’t classify my hair as damaged or over processed but I do relax my hair which breaks down the natural protein of strands so I was eager to try these babies out.

The first step in the Resistance routine is to pre-treat using the conditioner, Soin Premiere Therapiste. Think of this a ready-to-go pre-poo. You apply Soin Premiere Therapiste before shampooing your hair to hydrate, renew and seal in your hair’s natural oils. I’ve used this a few times before washing with the shampoo and I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. It’s very moisturizing and it provides a great amount of slip that makes detangling so much easier. One time, I rocked a bantu knot out, bunned it and then didn’t detangle for almost a week before using this stuff. Surprisingly, I was completely detangled and washing my hair in under 30 minutes. This stuff is the real deal!

Kerastase Resistance Bain Therapiste Shampoo

As you can probably tell, the shampoo isn’t too bad either. The Bain Therapiste Shampoo is a balm-in-shampoo that’s designed to renew and repair hair during cleansing. I have to say that I’m rather impressed with this stuff! It feels good, lathers very well and makes my strands squeaky clean but it doesn’t seem to strip my hair at all. Which is very impressive! My hair still felt soft and moisturized after shampooing and it was pretty manageable too.

So far, I’m really feeling the Kerastase Resistance Collection. I think it’s a little pricey but after using Soin Premiere Therapiste and Bain Therapiste Shampoo I definitely think the quality is there and they’re worth the price. Especially if you have very dry, damaged hair that needs a little extra help. It’s been almost a month since I’ve started using these products and I’m already starting to see a difference in the texture of my hair so stay tuned for the full reviews!

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  1. Katherine T.

    My friend is a big Kerastase fan. She has very dry, coarse hair and uses one of their lines (gold? orange?), she says pricey but worth it. I’m fortunate my hair is in good shape and I can just use DS shampoos, but if they have a small value kit, I would like to try.

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