Sephora Jem and the Holograms Collection for Holiday 2015

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A collection of truly outrageous makeup and accessories inspired by the live-action movie with a nod to the 80s cartoon show. Create bold makeup looks and accessorize in style with this collection of makeup featuring shades inspired by the vibrant colors represented in the movie.

Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

A limited edition palette with 24 vibrant yet modern shades inspired by the colors represented in the live-action movie, with nods to the original cartoon.

  • 24 x Eye Shadows in Minx, Mrs. Bailey, Stinger, Jetta, Raya, Kimber, Jerrica, Jermstar, Gal Pal, Rockstar, 1980s, Shana, Clash, Rockin’ Roadster, Keytar, Pizzazz, Starlight, Cassette, Stormer, Misfits

Truly Outrageous Lipstick ($16.00) (Limited Edition)

This creamy formula glides easily onto lips, leaving them with a bright pop of pink that is reminiscent of the iconic 80s pop look. The formula helps to hydrate lips, and the limited edition packaging features the signature JEM lightning bolt.

Truly Outrageous Liquid Lip Set ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

Create your own unique JEM-inpsired lip with this five-piece liquid lipstick set. Mix and match shades to create signature lip looks or wear alone for the ultimate pop of color. The limited edition packaging features the signature JEM lightning bolt.

  • Liquid Lipsticks in Fashion Fame (light pearl pink), Like a Dream (mauve), Music is Magic (bright pink), To the Rescue (berry), She’s Got the Power (dark purple)

Truly Outrageous Compact Mirror ($18.00) (Limited Edition)

This flashy dual compact is perfect for makeup application, touch-ups throughout the day, or travel. It is modeled after a shiny gold record with JEM’s signature lightning bolt.

The Sephora Jem and the Holograms Collection will be coming soon. You can sign up for an email alert when the collection launches here.

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11 Thoughts to “Sephora Jem and the Holograms Collection for Holiday 2015”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    They did a great job with the packaging.

    1. I totally agree! I’m a 90s kid so I’m not too familiar with Jem but I still want a couple of things from this collection just because they’re so cute lol

  2. Karmin

    This is a really cute set, with some pretty liquid lip colors & I think the eyeshadow package is nice too.

    1. The shadow colors are tempting but I think it’s the liquid lipstick set that’s gonna get me. I really like those colors and if they’re anything like the cream lip stains I know they’ll be great

      1. Karmin

        WOW!!! I hate the shadows didn’t work out. Glad to know, before I purchased this. I am still searching for a nice eyeshadow pallette though, that’s not to pricey. I just saw swatches for the lippie and they are extremely similar to sephora cream lip stains. I’m going to pass..

        1. I was really disappointed by the palette reviews too. It was on my list but too many people seemed to have trouble with it. It’s too bad because the color scheme is really nice. Have you ever tried NYX shadows before? Or Coastal Scents or BH Cosmetics? They make great quality palettes that are really affordable. You should check them out!

          1. Karmin

            Yes, the color scheme is what I was drawn to as well. I’ve heard about Coastal Scents palettes, but not any of the others. I’ll definitely be looking into them, thanks for your suggestions! Are the Morphe palettes any good?

          2. Yes!! I haven’t tried one yet but quite a few of my makeup buddies have been raving about them for months. Seems like Morphe is very similar to Coastal Scents in quality

          3. Karmin

            Thanks for the suggestions, I’m going to look into these.

  3. Jessica Ruth

    Girl…I just received my palette in the mail is it was an epic fail. The shadows are patchy and not pigmented. Out of 24 shades, only 8 or them had pigmentation. That’s not enough for me to keep.

    1. WOW really?? That’s horrible!! I was JUST looking up some swatches to see if I wanted this over the UD Spectrum palette. You just saved me some time and money by even bothering with this. So sorry you even had to deal with it ?

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