Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream Review

Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream

Brown skin can be pretty tricky sometimes when it comes to makeup. It comes with all kinds of quirks like unevenness and hyper-pigmentation along with a dull, ashy cast sometimes. That’s why a one size fit all approach isn’t always the best for brown gals–especially when it comes to foundation. Most people aren’t all one color in the face and this holds especially true for WOC. We’re usually a bit darker in the perimeter of our faces and lighter in the center. This contrast can often cause foundation to look a little dull and ashy around the darker areas. And we all know that’s the worse for WOC!

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you’ve probably seen many of my no makeup selfies and noticed that I have a sort of natural contour along with some slight hyper pigmentation around my mouth. Sometimes, the area around my hairline and mouth can start to look dull and ashy because my foundation just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the deeper parts of my face.

Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream

Thankfully, Bobbi has taught me all about CC Creams and I’m faithfully addicted! I’ve been using Bobbi’s Golden Nude CC Cream everyday for months now because it works wonders. For starters, it offers SPF 35 which is huge for me now that I’ve learned the importance (and seen the benefits!) of wearing sunscreen regularly. Then, it does just about everything under the kitchen sink after that. Upon application, it evens the skin tone helping to mask hyper-pigmentation while neutralizing redness, dullness and sallowness. Bobbi’s CC Cream also has a subtle blurring effect minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all while giving the skin a lovely radiance. See what I mean? It does everything!

Golden Nude CC Cream has become a holy grail staple in my stash because it’s just right for my complexion. It’s a rich golden bronze with a strong red undertone that really brightens and evens my skintone making my foundations blend a lot better with my dark spots. Even the tough dark area around my mouth that used to seem almost impossible to color correct. Note I said used to because it’s no longer a problem spot for me. Since I’ve been using Golden Nude CC Cream (along with some other staples) I have noticed a considerable difference in the hyper-pigmentation around my mouth. It isn’t completely gone but it’s noticeably lighter and doesn’t require nearly as much effort as it used to.

There’s plenty of reasons to try Bobbi’s Golden Nude CC Cream including:

  • your skin gets dry under foundation (*cough* winter time *cough*)
  • you have hyper-pigmentation or acne scarring
  • your complexion is uneven
  • your complexion looks dull or ashy
  • subtle blurring effect (wrinkles, dry lines, enlarged pores, etc)
  • added sun protection

Seriously, I could go on and on. If you have a dark to deep complexion and could use a little color correcting then I recommend checking out Bobbi Brown’s Golden Nude CC Cream. You can find it at your local Bobbi Brown counter or Sephora.

Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream

Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream

Before (top) and After (bottom) Bobbi Brown Golden Nude CC Cream

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  1. Zovesta

    Wow, and I just thought that the only big issue for WOC was the shade range in foundation! =o That sucks. This is a gorgeous shade though, it’s so warm and rich! Awesome to hear how well it works overall. =)

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