ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek Review

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek

It’s way too easy to get addicted to ColourPop. All of their products are just too good! Trust me. After 4 orders in 4 months, I would know. Although, I understand how hard it is to believe that a brand with a growing army of products under $10 could seriously go toe to toe with the expensive stuff. But ColourPop has managed to pull it off. Time and time again with every release and product.

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek

So far, I’ve managed to try a handful of ColourPop goodies and surprisingly I haven’t come across a dud yet. It’s almost hard to pick a favorite in my stash because it’s all soo good! But if I had to choose just one ColourPop product to hail over the rest it would hands down be Avalon Super Shock Cheek. What an amazing highlight!

Avalon is a deep copper bronze with a golden pink pearl that’s an absolute must have for WOC. It’s loaded with very fine shimmer that instantly gives you that housewives glow with just the lightest swirl of your brush. Avalon also has a pretty pigmented base so it adds a nice, warm flush too–making it suitable for lighter complexions too. Just use a duo fiber brush (like ELF’s Small Stipple Brush) and a light hand though because Avalon packs a punch.

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek

Avalon has a bouncy gel-like texture that’s very creamy yet sets to a powder finish making it great for all skin types. It reminds me a lot of Becca’s Blushed Copper except it’s slightly less pink but it would make an excellent alternative. Even though Avalon is loaded with shimmer, it doesn’t emphasize pores or look glittery or metallic when applied.

In fact, the glow rivals that of Blushed Copper and the famed Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow. And the formula is just as impressive. Avalon glows and glows for over 8 hours before showing any signs of letting up. And it’s only $8!

It took me a little while to jump on the ColourPop train but, baby, I am a believer! Even though I have a collection of high end highlighters I still find myself reaching for Avalon when I want an amped up yet still natural looking glow. It’s just too good! If you haven’t placed a ColourPop order yet I definitely think you need to mosey on over and add Avalon to your cart. You can thank me later!

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek

6 Thoughts to “ColourPop Avalon Super Shock Cheek Review”

  1. Zovesta

    So gorgeous! So glad I could help get you addicted. B)

    1. Thank you! I can’t thank you enough for all the great suggestions. ColourPop is my jam now lol

  2. Jessica Ruth

    Lovely! This is one of my favorites thus far. Along with Wisp and Most Necessary.

    1. Mine too! I just tried Most Necessary last weekend and it’s just as gorgeous. Now I need to get my hands on Wisp. It’s the last highlight on my list. Well, besides Butterfly Beach lol

  3. Jessica Ruth

    Lovely! This is one of my favorites thus far. Along with Wisp and Most Necessary.

  4. Katherine T.

    I love Lunch Money, and it’s so cheap, I still have money left over for a snack LOL I swear Colour Pop is the most addictive brand ever, 1 order and you are hooked! I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from them, and 95% of the stuff has been great, 4% is good, and maybe 1% dud (the matte pastel shadows weren’t the best but that’s hard to do right). My stash is slowly being taken over by them

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