L’Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner Review

L'Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner

No matter how much makeup I collect, I will always freak out when I notice something’s missing. Always. Last month, I reached for my darling MAC I Get No Kick Kohl Pencil (like I always do) only to discover that it has magically vanished from my vanity. Much to my horror, I searched frantically for it–only to come up empty handed each time.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider losing makeup as a crisis but it was starting to feel like one after a week passed and my beloved eyeliner still hadn’t surfaced. To make matters worse? I Get No Kick is limited edition so tracking down a replacement at a reasonable price was like finding a needle in a haystack.

L'Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner

Once reality finally set in, I was freaking out. “How the hell am I supposed to highlight my eyes now?!” Sure, there’s other eyeliners out there. But nothing like my beloved I Get No Kick.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see me happily in love with my new L’Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner — as if I Get No Kick never even existed. Highlighter is a soft, shimmering champagne with a hint of pink that’s very similar to I Get No Kick. It’s a leans a little more pink but the quality is definitely on par with I Get No Kick. Highlighter glides on smoothly and evenly with a creamy texture and intense pigmentation. I mostly use it in my inner corners to brighten my eyes but it also works on the waterline to make them look bigger and more awake.

Part of me still misses I Get No Kick but L’Oreal’s Highlighter is a really great replacement. It lasts for over 10 hours in my inner corners and hangs around for around 4-6 hours on my waterline. I guess it was a good thing some crazy makeup ghost swiped my beloved MAC pencil because Highlighter is actually a better option. It’s half the price of I Get No Kick yet the quality and wear are pretty much the same. Not to mention, Highlighter is always available in case I accidentally lose this one LOL!

L'Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner

6 Thoughts to “L’Oreal Highlighter Silkissime Infallible Eyeliner Review”

  1. Nice! Sounds like a worthy replacement then 🙂

    1. It is! I just love it!

  2. Rachel Runyan

    This is a fantastic highlighter. I’m glad it worked for you.

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad it did too. I was starting to lose my marbles looking for my MAC liner lol

  3. Zovesta

    Awesome replacement! It looks stunning just swatched. =)

    1. It’s even prettier in person! L’Oreal did such a great job with this one

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