MAC Vamplify Glosses Still Available Online!

MAC Tuned In, Hyper-Fabulous, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This?, She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

Did you miss out on the MAC Vamplify Collection? No biggie! Surprisingly, most the collection is still available online at MAC and Nordstrom. There’s a couple of glosses that are sold out but somehow the rest of these beauties have managed to hang around for a little bit. Which is good news because the Vamplify Collection is one of the best collections MAC has put out in a long time.

MAC Tuned In, Hyper-Fabulous, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This?, She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

A couple of years ago, I used to go crazy over MAC but lately their collections just haven’t caught my interest like they used to. That is, until Vamplify came along. Then I was all in! Like most makeup junkies, I’m a straight up lipstick gal–no chaser. I could go weeks without wearing gloss but that didn’t stop me at all from snatching up 5 of the MAC Vamplify glosses because I just knew they’d be good.

MAC Tuned In, Hyper-Fabulous, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This?, She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

And they are! The Vamplify gloss formula is like Cremesheen Glass on steroids. These babies go on smooth and creamy with a lightweight texture that’s not sticky or tacky. Much like a Cremesheen Glass. The major difference is that the Vamplify glosses are insanely pigmented. It’s a full coverage formula that’s intense like a liquid lipstick but still has the shine and cushiony feel of a gloss.

Like Cremesheen Glass, the Vamplify glosses aren’t too long wearing but I still dig them because they feel so good on the lips and the darker shades leave a killer stain, too. The Vamplify glosses last between 2-4 hours with the deeper shades lasting the longest, of course. It’s definitely a formula that’ll require a touch-up or two throughout the day but the formula is so great that I’d happily slather them on all day.

If you haven’t tried the MAC Vamplify glosses yet I highly recommend you head over to MAC or Nordstrom to get your gloss fix!

MAC She Rebel, How Chic is This?, What's Going On?, Tuned In, Hyper-fabulous Vamplify Gloss

MAC Tuned In, Hyper-Fabulous, What’s Going On?, How Chic is This? and She-Rebel Vamplify Gloss

MAC Tuned In Vamplify Lip Gloss

MAC Tuned In Vamplify Gloss

MAC Hyper-Fabulous Vamplify Lip Gloss

MAC Hyper-Fabulous Vamplify Gloss

MAC How Chic Is This? Vamplify Lip Gloss,

MAC How Chic is This? Vamplify Gloss

MAC What's Going On? Vamplify Lip Gloss

MAC What’s Going On? Vamplify Gloss

MAC She Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

MAC She-Rebel Vamplify Lip Gloss

6 Thoughts to “MAC Vamplify Glosses Still Available Online!”

  1. Zovesta

    As usual, Fancie, you look perfect in everything! =) Definitely eyeing this collection more now.

    1. Thank you! This is definitely a collection you don’t want to miss. It just may be my favorite this year

  2. Karmin

    I’ve been wanting to purchase the others, but haven’t gotten around to it. Guess, I better before they are gone…lol! She-Rebel was my first & it’s very pigmented and creamy applying. Thanks for reminding me Fancie!!

    1. Lol yes you better! I’m glad you ended up liking She Rebel. I know you’ll LOVE the other shades!

  3. Katherine T.

    She Rebel!

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