Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist Review

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Setting sprays aren’t exactly necessary but I love them anyway. I think they’re a great way for many reasons. Some are incredibly refreshing and hydrating which makes makeup application a breeze. Others help mattify and extend the wear of makeup on even the oiliest of skin types. While some leave a killer dewy glow. That’s why I own quite a few of them from MAC to NYX and now Pixi.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

My skin is mostly normal but leans a little more on the dry side so I rely heavily on setting sprays to knock off that powdery finish I get once I set my concealer and foundation. For years, I’ve reached for MAC’s Fix+ finishing spray because it’s soothing, hydrating and helps my makeup look less powdery and more natural.¬†However, I can go through a setting spray in no time so I wasn’t looking forward to shelling out another $22 now that both of my bottles of Fix+ were running low.

After seeing Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist all over the place I finally decided to run out to Target and give it a try. It has some of the same ingredients as the original Fix+ like green tea and glycerin plus a rosewater which was featured in the limited edition Rose version that I missed out on — so I had to see how it compares.

Long story short, I haven’t touched my Fix+ since.

Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist is just as refreshing, soothing and hydrating as Fix+ with a light rose scent. The mist is also very fine so it’s lightweight and dries quickly without disturbing your beat. Once it’s set, the Makeup Fixing Mist is pure magic. No powdery, cakey finish. Just glowing, flawless skin. Every time. The only drawback is that Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist isn’t all that cheap compared to MAC’s Fix+. It’s regularly $15 so it’s not that much of a leap from $22 but Target usually has pretty good sales so there’s a chance you could snag it for cheaper. If you don’t mind the slightly higher price tag, then I recommend you take a trip to your local Target and pickup the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist asap!