ELF Dark Blush Palette Swatches

ELF Dark Blush Palette

Now that I’ve shaken my natural blush rut, it’s time to play with some brighter colors and new blushes! Last month, I decided to take the plunge on the highly raved about ELF Blush Palettes since I could use a fresh variety of bushes to get my juices flowing again. And it was only $3 for 4 shades catered for WOC so why not?

ELF Dark Blush Palette

Upon opening the Dark Blush Palette I could immediately tell why so many brown gals were going crazy over it. Just look at those colors! Not a pale, ashy shade. I love it! The Dark Blush Palette only contains 4 blushes but there’s still so much variety that just about anyone could get a lot of use from it.

ELF Dark Blush Palette

You get:

  • a soft, neutral warm pink for everyday looks or to pair with dramatic smokey eyes
  • a bright magenta pink to add a pop of color and compliment your pinks, purples and berries
  • a bold coppery red with a slight hint of shimmer to add warmth and a girly rosy flush
  • a muted rust red for a warm flush of color

Sounds great right? The quality also doesn’t seem too bad either. I haven’t tried them on my face just yet but upon swatching them the formula seemed promising. They’re a little powdery but they’re intensely pigmented and seem rather easy to blend. I’ve actually use this blush palette while I worked backstage for the Walk Fashion Show here in Detroit and was quite pleased with the results so I’m looking forward to testing these babies out on myself!

Have you tried the ELF Blush Palettes?

ELF Dark Blush Palette

ELF Blush Palette in Dark

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  1. Rachel Runyan

    I bought the light one when they first came out, and I loved it so much that I bought the Dark. I have to use a lighter touch, but they totally work. I think the palettes are great deals.

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