MAC Faerie Whispers Collection Haul & Swatches

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush

Have you ever developed brand loyalty after getting into makeup? I kinda did. Once I felt I was getting the hang of things I thought it was time to upgrade from the drugstore stuff and start taking trips to the MAC counter. Then I got hooked. I found myself wanting to try every new product and grab something (or everything) from every new collection. Now, I like to branch out a little more and get to know other brands but MAC still catches my eye here and there.

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush

MAC’s most recent holiday collection, Faerie Whispers, is the latest collection to draw me in with its warm earthy neutrals for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. The entire collection is beautiful but the cheek products were the stars of the show for me.

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder

I don’t always care for repromotes in limited edition collection but I was more than willing to accept Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder into my stash with open arms. Pearl Sunshine was previously released years ago in the Barbie Collection–before I was even wearing makeup. There was no way I was going to pay a premium price for a rather old powder so I did a quick jump for joy when I realized Pearl Sunshine was making a comeback in Faerie Whispers. Usually MAC Beauty Powders are too pale for WOC but Pearl Sunshine works like a charm for all complexions. It’s a soft rose gold with fine shimmer that I have a feeling will make a beautiful natural highlight.

MAC Faerie Whispers Cheek Pollen Blush

I’ve been going a little blush (and highlight) crazy these days so I tried my best to resist Cheek Pollen Blush but the swatches were just too pretty. I live for orange-y/peachy toned blushes as they look incredibly natural on my complexion and Cheek Pollen is right up my alley. MAC describes it as a warm nude but it’s more of peachy gold with a hint of golden shimmer. I’m looking forward to trying it on soon because I just know it’s going to be lovely!

Did you haul anything from the MAC Faerie Whispers Collection?

MAC Faerie Whispers Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder, Cheek Pollen Blush

MAC Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder and Cheek Pollen Blush

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  1. Katherine T.

    These are gorgeous! I need to swatch in store to see if they will work for me

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