Anastasia Beverly Hills Tan to Deep Contour Kit Review

Anastasia Contour Kit Tan to Deep

For some people, highlighting and contouring is only reserved for special occasions and nights out. But me? I live for it everyday! Well not everyday. Some days, time just doesn’t allow me to achieve a full on beat with a poppin’ highlight and contour in stow. Especially those early morning work days. There’s nothing worse than trying to super buff and blend cream contour in under 30 minutes without looking crazy in natural light or fracturing your arm.

Anastasia Contour Kit Tan to Deep

But my round face still needs a little definition here and there. So I picked up the Anastasia Contour Kit in Tan to Deep to help me quickly sculpt and highlight my face in no time. Powder contours are often more sheer and easier to blend allowing for soft, natural definition that doesn’t look overdone or require 10+ minutes of blending. Which is exactly what the Anastasia Contour Kit delivers.

Anastasia Contour Kit Tan to Deep

The Tan to Deep Contour Kit is the deepest of the range and includes 6 shades including:

  • Earth Contour light golden bronze
  • Cinnamon Contour warm terracotta
  • Espresso Contour deep reddish brown
  • Latte Illuminator soft shimmering champagne
  • Nutmeg Contour golden tan
  • L’Orange Illuminator bright orange

My go to shades are Cinnamon, Espresso, Latte and L’Orange because they all work beautifully to sculpt, define and highlight my brown skin. When I want a soft, super natural contour or to bronze a bit I reach for Cinnamon. If I’m feeling fierce and want to fake killer cheekbones I switch gears to Espresso since it’s much deeper and offers some serious definition. Next, I sweep a little of L’Orange on my cheeks to add a natural flush of color and warmth to my complexion. Finally, I top it all off with a sweep of Latte for a soft champagne glow. I usually opt for a more pronounced highlight but for my more natural days Latte is perfect because it isn’t loaded with glitter. Instead, it gives a natural lit from within glow that’s soft yet beautiful.

Since I’m on the deep end of the Contour Kit, Cinnamon and Espresso are the only contour shades I use because Earth and Nutmeg just don’t cut it for me. They do, however, make great eyeshadows for neutral looks. So I can’t knock them. However, I do wish Anastasia scrapped them in favor of cooler, deeper shades to really make this a true contour kit.

Don’t get me wrong! I still love the Contour Kit for a quick fix since all of the powders are pigmented, blendable and last for over 8 hours. But the shade selection in Tan to Deep makes it come off more as a bronzing palette–especially if you’re darker than “tan”. If you’re a dark skin diva, you’d probably only get good use out of Espresso as far as contouring goes. Which kinda defeats the purpose of buying a contour palette.

Again, the Tan to Deep Contour Kit isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just a little too warm and lacking in variety when it comes to deeper complexions. If you’re lighter than me, I think you’ll probably love the Tan to Deep Contour Kit. It’s great quality and incredibly convenient. However, if you’re a WOC looking for some serious contour variety I’d say you can safely skip this.

Anastasia Contour Kit Tan to Deep

Earth Contour, Cinnamon Contour, Espresso Contour, Latte Illuminator, Nutmeg Contour and L’Orange Illuminator


Rocking Latte, Cinnamon and Espresso with a light sweep of L’Orange