Dolls Kill x Lime Crime Haul & Swatches

Lime Crime Black Velvet Velvetine, Cement Velvetine, D'Lilac Unicorn Lipstick, Airborne Unicorn Unicorn Lipstick, Chinchilla Unicorn Lipstick

Lime Crime has been a hot topic among the makeup community for years for a number of reasons. A lot of them were pretty negative so I’ve managed to steer clear from Lime Crime after one debacle too many. I have a thing for fun colors and adorable sparkly packaging so I’ve always been curious but weary to pull the trigger. Don’t get me wrong, Lime Crime makes some beautiful lipsticks. But makeup should be fun and never drama filled, right?

Fast forward to today, Lime Crime appears to be more about the fun than the drama so I finally decided to indulge when I caught a killer sale on Dolls Kill. I’ve never shopped there before but after seeing an ad flash across my Facebook feed for 70% off makeup including Jeffree Star and Lime Crime I didn’t think twice. Fun time!

Lime Crime Black Velvet, Cement Velvetine

Of course, the Jeffree Star lipsticks were sold out by the time I got there but I found a handful of Lime Crime lipsticks at amazing prices. Like 2 of their Velvetine liquid lipsticks in Black Velvet and Cement. People are always raving about Lime Crime’s Velvetines so I decided to snap them up while they were on sale for just $9. Black Velvet and Cement aren’t your average everyday shades but they turned out to be quite beautiful and I can’t wait to try them to see if the formula is really worth the hype.

Lime Crime D'Lilac, Airborne Unicorn, Chinchilla Unicorn Lipstick

I also ordered 3 Unicorn Lipsticks that I’ve been lusting after for years. Lime Crime is known for their unique, funky lipsticks and their range of purples has always intrigued me. The drama managed to keep me away for some years but when I spotted the exact shades I wanted on Dolls Kill for $8 and $12 I thought to myself, “Well, they are on sale..”

I ended up snagging:

  • D’Lilac pale lavender
  • Airborne Unicorn neon purple
  • Chinchilla lilac grey

All 3 shades swatched beautifully on my brown skin and felt pretty creamy so I have a feeling that I’m going to like them. Of course, I’m going to need a good lip liner with D’Lilac and Chinchilla but I still look forward to rocking them because they’re such pretty, fun shades. I’m actually wearing Airborne Unicorn as I write this and I like it so far. It’s creamy, pigmented and applies like a dream. I just slipped in on a few minutes ago so I can’t speak too much on the wear but I have a feeling I just may love it.

Have you ever tried any Lime Crime lipsticks?

Lime Crime Black Velvet Velvetine, Cement Velvetine, D'Lilac Unicorn Lipstick, Airborne Unicorn Unicorn Lipstick, Chinchilla Unicorn Lipstick

Black Velvet Velvetine, Cement Velvetine, D’Lilac Unicorn Lipstick, Airborne Unicorn Unicorn Lipstick and Chinchilla Unicorn Lipstick

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  1. Zovesta

    I’m going to keep avoiding Lime Crime myself, but I got to admit, these shades look gorgeous. They’d be so fun on you! Can’t wait to see how you’ll wear them. =)

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