On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Hello Kitty Manicure OPI Small + Cute = ♥︎

Would you believe me if I told you that my room was completely Hello Kitty up until a couple years ago? I kid you not. From my bedroom set to my bathroom accessories and even my underwear–Hello Kitty was everywhere. The only thing I love more than pink is Hello Kitty. She’s like the epitome of girly so when I found out that OPI was releasing a limited edition Hello Kitty collection I was all over it!


Hello Kitty Manicure OPI Small + Cute = ♥︎

When I came in early for training Monday morning, I realized that my team had finally put up the new OPI Hello Kitty table and I made a mad dash for it. Like in the middle of training LOL!

“Is that the new Hello Kitty stuff over there?? Hold on..”

It gets real serious real quick when it comes to that adorable kitten! I quickly plucked a polish set plus 2 individual shades so I could check out the second I clocked out. Then I went to get my nails done with one of the individual shades because, well, I’m thirsty for Hello Kitty like that. And I seriously needed my nails done. My first pick was Small + Cute = ♥︎, a pale cool pink with a cream finish. It’s a beautiful soft pink for winter and spring that’s surprisingly super flattering on my brown skin. I was a little nervous it would look a little off but I’m absolutely in love with Small + Cute = ♥︎. From the name to the color, it’s absolutely perfect! I’m thinking about pulling it out at least once a month since it’s such a great neutral pink for brown skin.

If you’re a Hello Kitty freak (like me) or just love pink then you definitely need to make your way to your local Ulta to check out the OPI Hello Kitty Collection. You certainly don’t want to miss it!

4 Thoughts to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

  1. Rachel Runyan

    Pretty color, and perfect for the Pantone Rose Quartz look. Your coffin shaped nails are so cool, but I can’t function with them that long. I poke myself in the eye and can’t put on my earring backs. lol

    1. I love coffin nails too. They look so nice, especially longer, but I could not function with them that long either.

      1. It’s easier than you think!

    2. Thank you! I’m the exact opposite though lol. I have naturally long nails that seem to grow like weeds. I feel like I’m working on nubs with short nails LOL.

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