OPI Hello Kitty Collection Haul & Swatches

OPI Hello Kitty Collection

Anyone who knows me knows I live for all things girly and pink. Including Hello Kitty. For years, I’ve always had an extreme obsession with decorating everything with the cute kitten. My room. My bathroom. Hell, even my car was completely decked out in pink Hello Kitty gear up until a few years ago. Now that I’m pretty much pushing 30 I’ve been calmed it down a bit on my Hello Kitty everything obsession. However, when I found out OPI was releasing a Hello Kitty Collection at Ulta it took me right back to the old days. I wanted it all!

OPI Hello Kitty Collection

No, really. My overgrown butt wanted it all. There’s so many shades of pink, cute packaging and Hello Kitty faces everywhere. How could I resist? I’m not much of a polish junkie but I just knew this collection would look beautiful on my nails and vanity so I went for it. Almost all of it.

OPI Hello Kitty Coin in My Purse: Look at My Bow!, Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

The first thing I went for was the Coin in My Purse Duo Pack Set. It features 2 full sized shades including:

  • Look at My Bow! sweet-girl pink
  • Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel pink super-glitter

I’m a sucker for pink and glitter so it was an absolute must have for me. I already knew both shades would suit me well as they’re right up my alley and would look good on just about everyone. Plus, I just couldn’t resist the adorable coin purse it came with. How cute!

OPI Small + Cute = ♥︎, Look at My Bow!, Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, Charmmy & Sugar Hello Kitty Nail Polish

I also picked up 2 individual shades including:

  • Small + Cute = ♥︎ baby pink
  • Charmmy & Sugar sparkly pink glitter

To be honest, I only snagged these because they were pink and Hello Kitty but I ended up giving Small + Cute = ♥︎ a test run (take a peek here) and now I’m completely addicted. It looks super pale in the bottle but once applied it looks so natural and incredibly flattering. In fact, I’ll probably be pulling it out quite often because I’ve been receiving tons of compliments on it and it’s like the perfect neutral pink for me. I haven’t tried Chammy & Sugar just yet but it looks like it’ll be a beautiful accent glitter that would really pop when layered with Small + Cute = ♥︎. I can’t wait to see how they look together!

Did you end up grabbing anything from the OPI Hello Kitty Collection?

OPI Small + Cute = ♥︎, Look at My Bow!, Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, Charmmy & Sugar Hello Kitty Nail Polish

Small + Cute = ♥︎, Look at My Bow!, Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel and Charmmy & Sugar

8 Thoughts to “OPI Hello Kitty Collection Haul & Swatches”

  1. Katherine T.

    I’m well over 40, and I still love Hello Kitty, always will LOL Love the glittery polishes and the coin purse

    1. LOL I love it! This makes me feel a little better that I still have a few Hello Kitty undies in my collection ?

      1. Katherine T.

        Oh good to hear from you Fancie! I haven’t checked out your site for a while b/c I was getting security warning messages that your site might be hacked, but that stopped, so I have some serious catch up reading to do, some great posts!! Believe it or not, I still wear Hello Kitty undies. I found them in junior undie section at JCPenny, and since I’m petite, I can fit them. They are SO cute, love them!

        1. I’m so glad to have you back! I figured that’s why I haven’t heard from you guys in a while and I’m glad you stayed away because although it wasn’t as serious as I thought it was I still didn’t want any of you being compromised in any way. It took a little work for me to get everything clean but it was well worth the struggle because I’ve missed you!! Lmao I’m glad you still like the HK undies too because I often find myself checking them out at JC Penney. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it either lol. As long we can still fit them I don’t see the harm at all. The boy shorts are actually cuter than some of my Victoria Secret panties!

          1. Katherine T.

            Oh, so glad everything got fixed!! I’ve been dying to get back onto your site, so much good stuff to drool over. I think there’s tons of us who have never outgrown Hello Kitty and never will — I mean Target, JC Penny, and Hautelook are all selling adult sized Hello Kitty PJs, T shirts, and sweatpants (can’t even keep them in stock!), so there must be a big demand for them. So if you like, go buy yourself some cute Hello Kitty undies and wear them! Life is waaay too short not to have fun, and who cares what others think 🙂

          2. I totally agree! The second I find some Hello Kitty pajamas with the feet I’m ALL over them!! Lol I’ve been obsessed with owning one forever!

  2. Jill Firns

    That’s such a neat way to do swatches with the tape! I haven’t thought of that before!

    1. I actually got it from another beauty blogger a while back. I can’t remember who but I loved the idea. It beats me polishing my own nails which I suck at LOL

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