Éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner Review

Eprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to do much to my hair on a regular basis. Which is why I’m almost always in a bun because it’s simple, quick and doesn’t take much effort at all. Just a little water, oil and leave-in conditioner. That’s it. For months, I’ve been using Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner with great results but I received the new Éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner in my gratis bag from Ulta and was curious to see how it would work for my thick, dry relaxed hair.

The Éprouvage haircare line is a new addition to Ulta that’s designed to help fight aging hair and hair loss using progressive plant technology. The line is color safe and free of sulfates, parabens and gluten so it’s great for women of all walks of life and all hair types. Including my thick, dry relaxed strands. At first, I was a little skeptical to try the Éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner because I don’t have problems with aging hair or hair loss just yet. However, I was pleasantly surprised once I started using it because I noticed that the Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner works wonders for cutting down on shedding and breakage–which is a huge problem for relaxed hair. Relaxers weaken the hair shaft and causes hair to feel dry and brittle so I’m always on the hunt for a solid leave-in conditioner that help keep my strands moisturized and healthy. Surprisingly, I think Éprouvage has nailed it!

Eprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner

The Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner is designed to address hair issues at the root in the growing phase to help strengthen strands for smoother, shinier and more manageable hair. It has a lightweight creamy texture that absorbs quickly without leaving hair feeling wet. Just soft and moist with a beautiful shine.I’ve been using the Replenishing Leave-in Conditioner morning and night for over a month now and I definitely think Éprouvage lives up to their claim. My hair is noticeable softer, shinier and much easier to detangle whether I’ve been in a bun for a week or rocked a bantu knot out without detangling for days. I use it after a fresh wash and daily as a moisturizer and it’s been working wonders for my hair. I don’t experience nearly as much shedding or breakage as I did before and my hair also feels a bit thicker since I’ve been using it.

I honestly didn’t think the Éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner was for me but I am now a believer and quite impressed with the results. I think the Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner would work extremely well for people experiencing hair loss or excessive breakage–whether you’re aging or just struggling to maintain healthy hair. I highly recommend heading to your local Ulta and giving the Éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner a try. It’ll be the best $18 you’ve spent in a while!