Too Faced 101

Too Faced 101

I can name a million fun things about working in beauty but the best parts are all the gratis bags (of course!) and getting to learn as much as possible about your favorite brands. Years ago, I used to have an unhealthy addiction to MAC that kept me from venturing out to other brands because I was too busy waiting for the next limited edition collection and waking up at ungodly hours to make sure I snagged everything I wanted. Part of me will always love MAC but there’s so many other great brands out there that knows how to keep makeup fun and fresh without the stress of a literal rat race.

Once I snapped out of the MAC spell, I discovered the wonderful world of Too Faced starting with their lovely La Creme Color Drenched Lipsticks and Chocolate Bar Palette. It wasn’t long before I found myself slowly but surely getting hooked to something new: Too Faced. The adorable packaging started reeling me in while the amazing formulas got me hooked and kept me on my toes for new products. Like the Melted Lipsticks, new Chocolate Bar Palettes and more.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Amazing Eyes Set

Today, I’m a complete Too Faced junkie! Too Faced has quickly become one of my favorite brands with my collection expanding from just a few lipsticks and one palette to even more lipsticks (and palettes), primer, foundation, blush and more. So you can just about imagine how giddy I was when the wonderful Melissa from Too Faced dropped by my local Ulta to offer her support and bring an amazing artist along with her to assist me in training my Prestige team. It was heaven! Not only did she give me and my beauty advisors a bag of goodies but she also took the time out to really explain some of Too Faced’s best selling products and what makes them so amazing.

One of the first things she gave us the scoop on was the Better Than Sex Mascara. It’s the best selling mascara at my location (and one of my personal faves) as well as the top selling product at Too Faced. Which is no surprise to me because it’s so damn good! Better than Sex was designed with a chunky hourglass shaped brush that hugs and grips lashes to provide lots of volume, length and a great curl to really make lashes stand out. It’s formulated with collagen and Acai Senegal Tree Extract to plump, strengthen and condition lashes while taking them to glamorous new level without the clumping or leaving lashes feeling hard and crunchy.

Too Faced Teddy Berry, I Want Candy La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick

Our next lesson was all about the La Creme Color Drenched Lipsticks and the new shades for spring. The La Creme Lipsticks are some of the creamiest most moisturizing lipsticks I’ve ever tried and Melissa schooled us all about why they feel oh so good on the lips. The La Creme Lipsticks are formulated with skin-loving ingredients like White Lotus Flower Extract that hydrates, soothes and conditions lips as well as power peptides that stimulate collagen aiding in the appearance of plump, smoother lips. When she was explaining this it all made sense why the La Creme Lipsticks felt so good and made my lips look so full, juicy and kissable. That’s exactly what they were designed to do! As a treat for passing our La Creme Lipstick crash course, Melissa gifted me with 2 new shades to play with:

  • Teddy Berry dusty rose
  • I Want Candy raspberry rose

They’re both very wearable everyday shades that work well on my complexion. Teddy Berry feels more like an all year round everyday lip while I Want Candy has a slight coral undertone that makes it great for spring and summer. My lips are dying to try them already!

Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer, Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep/Tan Matte Bronzer

Last but not least, Melissa clued us in on why Too Faced’s wardrobe of bronzers are so popular. Besides the fact that there’s a ton of variety and they smell delicious (like chocolate!), we learned that Too Faced’s bronzers do more than just add warmth and fake a healthy tanned glow. Almost all of Too Faced’s bronzers are cocoa-infused for a silky blendable formula that’s hydrating and helps reduce redness all while making skin look sunkissed. They’re great for gals with dry skin, red patches or rosacea as the cocoa powder soothes the skin and helps color correct for a flawless complexion–whether you want a bronze glow or chiseled cheeks.

I ended up receiving two them including Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer and Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep/Tan Matte Bronzer. Sun Bunny is a shimmering warm gold and bronze duo that adds subtle definition while Dark Chocolate Soleil is a matte bronzer that’s great for adding warmth and lightly contour deeper complexions. I’ve tried out Dark Chocolate Soleil a few times and was quite surprised how much darker it looked on my face than when swatched. It reminds me a lot of MAC’s Blunt Blush as it completely transforms and defines quite nicely–much different than what I expected from looking at in the pan.

Whether you’re a Too Faced rookie or junkie, I definitely think a trip to your local Ulta or Sephora to check them out is way overdue. There’s so many amazing products to choose from that aren’t just cute but great quality and formulated with great ingredients too. From the eyeshadows to the lipsticks, Too Faced adds a special girly touch to everything that’s simply irresistible and worth every penny!

Too Faced Teddy Berry, I Want Candy La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick

I Want Candy & Teddy Berry La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick

Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer

Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer

Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep/Tan Matte Bronzer

Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep/Tan Matte Bronzer